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Bella asks:
I have thick brown hair that I recently dyed. My hair is curly in some places, then wavy in others, but it is always such a frizzy > undefined mess! What should I do?

Dawn CooperAnswered By:
Dawn Cooper
If you have used a home hair colour, it may be that your hair needs some extra moisture - use a deep conditioning treatment such as the Joico K-Pak Intense Hydrator (stockist 01282 683100) at least twice a week to give it some much needed moisture and help to prevent the frizz. You could also look into having some layers cut into your style, which will not only help with the thickness of the style but enable you to style the hair more easily. You can either decide to work with the curls and use irons (D:Fuse is the latest range and are fantastic - stockist 01282 683100) to create more curls or if you want the waves, then use the irons to smooth out the curls into waves.

Claire asks:
My hair is dark thick and curly with a good layered cut (my shortest layers are shoulder length and my longest to about my mid back when straight). Although my haircut is great and looks fabulous when I leave the hairdressers or when it is just washed, a few hours later or the next morning its frizzy and messy despite me avoiding touching it or twirling it! How can I keep my curls defined without using gel or hairspray? When I have my hair cut my hairdresser twirls large sections at the end and slices into them thinning them out. Is this making my hair more messy?

Trevor SorbieAnswered By:
Trevor Sorbie
Probably, thinning makes ends really light and fluffy, the ends need to be really blunt, ask your hairdresser to cut layers clean and technically, then chop out desired weight nearer the roots, technically also, this will break the curl thickness which will help keep curls separated. Try using a pre-style spray, serum or curl cream.

Marie asks:
I have really thin hair and I get extensions and I took them out and it ripped a lot of my hair out in my bangs how can I get it to grow back?

Dawn CooperAnswered By:
Dawn Cooper
Removing your own extensions is a big no-no. Without the experience you will damage your natural hair and cause unnecessary pulling on the scalp. If your hair was fine before extensions, removing them yourself will not have helped! But, please be aware that your hair will grow back naturally over time. If you do opt for extensions at another time, please remember to go to the professionals for removal.

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