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Harriet asks:
I used to have long hair and wore clip in hair extensions that looked very real. Since having my hair cut to shoulder length I am finding it hard to cover the underneath of my short hair, so I am seeing chunks of my hair around my ears and bottom of my neck that I cannot blend with the extensions. I have tried using multiple rows put closely together but still do not manage to get the right blend. The colour and texture matching seems near perfect - it is just these areas around the sides and bottom of my hair that do not seem to look right! Is there a method to clipping the extensions in that will cover these areas correctly - Paris Hilton has short hair and manages to have real-looking extensions! I cannot afford to get them done professionally and also do not want them to be permanent. Can you help?

Diane ShawAnswered By:
Diane Shaw
Lots of ladies often experience problems re establishing the hair extension match and look they had prior to having their hair cut. This is mainly because most hair cuts involve a straight and defined snipping off the ends of your hair. This means that once you reapply your hair extensions you can see the difference between your own hair and the extensions. The ends of your hair need to be cut in a way that will allow them to re-blend with your hair extensions. (Almost like a feathered look on the ends).

Charlotte asks:
I really want longer hair and am considering having hair extensions. I wanted clip in ones as I thought that they would be the least likely to harm my natural hair. However I have been told by a hairdresser that they will fall out very easily and to have the ones which are glued to my head. I have heard many stories about them making peoples hair fall out and mine is naturally fine anyway. I love my hair and do not want it to get damaged but I cannot stand it being so short and want long hair again. I know hair can be woven in but that costs a lot and at 17 that is money I do not have?

Diane ShawAnswered By:
Diane Shaw
The benefits of clip in hair extensions is that you can apply and remove them anytime you want. They are useful if you just want a new look when you are going out, or to add more body or colour to your hair. No hair extension technique is permanent, however the way in which they are applied will determine the gap period between them being removed and reapplied because of your own natural hair growth. I do not think that you will have many problems with your own hair growing at the age of 17, just keep it in good condition, do not use straighteners too much and eat healthy. You will find you will soon have nice long hair. My advice is just use the clip in as fun and do not get too stressed out about it.

Linn asks:
I use Tresemme shampoo and their conditioner but recently my scalp has become very dry and flaky my hair is fine it is just my scalp. Can you give me a bit of advice on what I can do? I have asked my hairdresser and she said just to massage the conditioner into the scalp and leave it on for a bit but that just does not help one bit.

Jason JohnsonAnswered By:
Jason Johnson
Are you using any styling products? Sometimes styling products can dry your scalp out!

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