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Jazzy asks:
I have PCOS so my hair has been falling out for a number of years and now I have less then a 1/4 of hair that I had 5 years ago; not enough to make a normal hairstyle, not even to wear my hair in a ponytail without it looking weird. I have curly, somewhat frizzy hair so I canít cut it short. For the last few years, I've been wearing my hair away from my face, and twisted up with a clip. Anyone have any ideas of another hairstyle I can do with my hair? It has to look normal with the amount of hair that I have.

Dawn CooperAnswered By:
Dawn Cooper
With fine, longer hair it's best to keep the hair one length and as blunt as possible so it sits better. Try to avoid layers as this can make the hair wispier. It maybe that if you went shorter your hairdresser could demonstrate how to style your hair at home so that it works with the curls but banishes the frizz. Using styling products with anti-frizz should prevent this. I'm not sure without seeing your hair, but maybe you could visit a Racoon hair salon for a free consultation and they maybe able to see if your hair is suitable for extensions or wefts. You could then have some volume added back to the hair so that it can be styled in a ponytail.

Sue asks:
I originally had dark brown hair but have been using Casting Hair Colour for several years successfully. However my hair is almost black now and as I am 51 and a pale complexion I am looking to go chestnut or warm brown. I need to cover my grey also. What do you suggest I do. Casting is a permanent colour, I don't want blonde highlights and want to be able to maintain the colour myself if possible.

Dawn CooperAnswered By:
Dawn Cooper
If you've been doing home colouring but are now looking to change the colour and go warmer and lighter, then I would suggest you first visit the professionals and let them take you lighter. Colouring hair at home is fine for straightforward colouring but when you want to go from such a dark colour to lighter shade, you can open yourself up to errors. It's best to let the professionals do this first and then you can always ask their advice on how you can maintain it afterwards. As professionals, colourists will always prefer you to visit them but we understand that sometimes people like to do in-between visits at home. This is fine for everyday colouring but not advised for a new colour change.

Lucy asks:
I always straighten my hair and it has always looked fine but when I recently do it, it looks greasy however before I straighten it its fine how do I stop it form looking greasy?

Diana DudasAnswered By:
Diana Dudas
It sounds as though the products that you may be using are doing this. If you are using a product try to use less. And if you are using conditioner make sure that you are rinsing it out properly

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