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Ben asks:
I am 18, and when I was 4 I suffered a scald to my head and it caused the hair to fall out and it will not grow back, the burn is about 3 or 4 cm on my head but I can cover it up with my hair so its unnoticeable, but I am very bored with my short flat style hair and I want to grow it longer in to a style that has more imagination and fell to it, something like this!

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
My hair is fine and jet black and I have a longish face and pointed chin, please can you give me some advice so I can once again feel good about my hair and be more confident. ...More >

Your hair would be perfect for a Blade or razor cut as it is typically known. The reason for this is that, having your hair razored would increase the amount of varied layers within your style, making your hair appear thicker and much easier to manage. The razoring or feathering would make your hair more malleable and allow you more options while styling. It is also a perfect technique if you need to grow your hair slightly longer as it will help stop it parting and becoming heavy which could result in your scald showing.

The picture of Keanu Reeves is a good image and I think that this may indeed work for you. But please ensure you have texture put into your hair otherwise it will become heavy and problematic.

Claire asks:
I have kind of in-between wavy and curly hair, and it always gets super puffy. Whenever I try to put it in a ponytail, I get puffiness and small curls sticking up all along my hairline by my face. Is there any way to get rid of that or to straighten it down without using a bunch of products?

Jason KearnsAnswered By:
Jason Kearns
What I have found that works with the problem your having is to invest in a ceramic flat iron (1/2 ins). It will keep it from frizzing or curling .Then use a little pomade to keep it back with.

Tatiana asks:
: I had mixed spiral curls growing up but I would straighten it maybe every other month just so itís a longer length and manageable but I realized my hair is not the same Iíd straighten it but I became very proud of my curls. Only problem then was because of previous damage and a dye used at the beginning of this year my curls were all different sizes shapes and flat at the top. I used something that was supposed to curl it more but I used it the wrong way and I accidentally made my hair straight. Now my hair is straight strands, breaking, dry and brittle and my natural curls are no longer. So basically in the past year Iíve had relaxer and dye and my hair is horrible. Is there anything I can do or use to help reverse the accidental straightening and dryness and breaking and restore my natural curly hair and make it defined, full and moisturized?

Jason KearnsAnswered By:
Jason Kearns
Hi Tatiana - It sounds like you have over processed your hair I think what you need to do, by what youíre saying, is to get it cut and save the ends of your hair, and keep doing it till all the dye and relaxer has been cut out of your hair. Then you curl will come back, so there is hope for it.

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