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Emily asks:
I have fine hair that is cut into a bob about an inch above my shoulders. What are some updos that I can try?

Charlotte MurrayAnswered By:
Charlotte Murray
It sounds like the length of your hair is long enough to wear up. Firstly, always have a trial. Two looks to try are, a sleek ponytail with a hair piece extension for more length or set/tong the hair and randomly have it pinned to look tousled. If it is fine you can add extra hair to create the illusion of full fab hair. Just try not to scare your husband when you take it off!

Have a great time!

Mellisia asks:
I have greasy hair and I am having it cut with fringe will it look okay?

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
A fringe will look fine, but because it will sit on your forehead it can become greasy very quickly.

I would strongly recommend Wella System Professional 1.7 Regulate Shampoo and 3.7 Regulate Mask as these will help reduce the oil being produced by your scalp.

Zoe asks:
I have mid-length fine hair and recently it has been getting really greasy. I wash my hair every morning as I suffer from really bad bed head. I have tried loads of different shampoos and refrain from using conditioner. I am becoming very conscious that people will notice the greasiness! What steps can I take to stop it getting so greasy?

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
A really simple and effective way of helping stop this is in your routine when washing your hair. On your final rinse (after rinsing out the shampoo) turn the water to cool or cold if you can stand it. This will help cool down your scalp. Ensure when you are washing your hair that you only apply a light massaging technique when shampooing as if you are too heavy at this stage it will only stimulate your sebaceous glands and promote more oil production. ...More >

Lastly try using a spray in conditioner through the mid lengths and ends to avoid the conditioner coming into contact with your scalp.

If you follow this then you should notice a reduction in the natural oil on your scalp keeping your hair easier to manage.

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