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Katherine asks:
I am 15 years old and I really need your help! I have read through all of the queries and I could not find anything that will answer all of my questions. I really hope you can I have longish, (just below the shoulder blades) dark brown hair, it is very thin, and the thing I hate most I HAVE A COWS LICK I absolutely HATE it! I a side fringe, with one layer below my ears, I have a heart shaped face, VERY big cheeks and a pointy chin, I look young when I smile, I also have a big forehead and sometimes it looks like I have a receding hair line because of the cows lick. I would love to do something very different with my hair, without taking much off the length also I have a side parting on the right. I would like to get a fringe and lots of layers but I do not know if the fringe would sit right because of the cows lick some hairdressers say it would part down the middle and others say it would be fine, but I am not to sure!

Beverly CAnswered By:
Beverly C
I guess your cows lick is on the side parting that you wear. It also sounds to me that your side fringe is quite long right now. What I suggest is to go for a long or shorter bob length haircut with lots of layers to give you a great texture and movement - Also have a much shorter and THICKER side fringe that will detract from your high forehead and allow you to have almost a full fringe but you are working with the cows lick instead of against it. This THICKER fringe will also control the cows lick much better. Keep the side parting which always works with a heart shaped face. To detract from your more pointed chin, make sure you have lots of texture and volume above the shoulder area. I do hope this has helped you.

Alison asks:
I have shortish brown hair, in a bob which is fine and quite frizzy. I use hair straighteners most days. I am getting married in the Caribbean in May and need some tips to help improve the condition of my hair and avoid my hair being a frizzy mess whilst there. Also have you any ideas of what I can do to make my hair look good when allowing it to dry naturally as it always just ends up really frizzy?

Charlotte MurrayAnswered By:
Charlotte Murray
The Caribbean is going to be humid so I have a few suggestions.

You could find out if there is a great hairdresser on site to blow dry your hair to perfection with anti humidity products to stop it frizzing. Buy some great hair accessories and a beautiful veil.
Slick it back making it look really clean and sharp
Buy a beautiful hat that is fabulous ...More >

For future hair advice I would say the straighteners need to go and you need to be shown how to bring out the best in your natural hair. Leave in conditioner is fantastic.
Find a great stylist that can give you a free consultation. There is no need to suffer.

Good luck

Helena asks:
I am getting married in May, my hair is Strawberry Blonde or Ginger! But very fine and I want to wear it loose and curly. Should I go for natural curl or tonged for definition? Also do you think it would look too false with a hairpiece adding more fullness?

Charlotte MurrayAnswered By:
Charlotte Murray
As a fellow redhead there is no holding back on your crowning glory. If your wedding is bohemian and casual you could use the natural curl in your hair to go with the vibe. Using small fresh flowers will finish off the look. If your style is more dramatic go for a more finished look. Instead of using regular tongs try straighteners twisted down the hair for a modern take. False hair is great. Just find a great hairdresser that can put it in for you so you feel really confident. Have a trial to see how you feel.

Good luck

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