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Amy asks:
All my life I have had coarse frizzy hair that I would brush straight despite its natural wave. Last year I got a body wave done that brings out some curls to it and I love it. Right now however I am interviewing for jobs and trying to get my long curly hair into a professional look. Any advice for keeping the length but still looking professional?

Andrew JoseAnswered By:
Andrew Jose
If your hair is wavy you need to manipulate the curls so they fall into loose curls rather than frizzy ones! I would suggest washing your hair with a curl defining shampoo and conditioner such as JLife Catch A Wave ...More >

After washing pat hair to get rid of excess water and use a serum based product for curls on the damp hair try. This will take the frizz out of your hair and help to define curls.

Then section hair and using your finger manipulate spirals, use a diffuser on your hairdryer to dry hair. You do not need to dry it completely! If you keep twisting your hair around your fingers it will guide the hair into nice loose spirally curls and after a few times of doing this it will be easier. This should give you as really nice look and is also a good look at the moment!

Felicity asks:
I have naturally wavy hair that is very fine. I have been struggling with frizz and I can’t seem to find the right combination of products to keep it tame without it being greasy. Please help.

Benjamin ShipmanAnswered By:
Benjamin Shipman
Hi Felicity, there are two great ranges that I would like to suggest. One is for when you want to wear your hair curly, and the other for when you want it sleek and straight. ...More >

The Kebelo VELVET CURLS range consists of a shampoo, conditioner and defining cream, all of which have been designed to create perfect curls. Containing the super ingredient coconut oil, as well as chamomile and quinoa, the formula helps to separate, soften and smooth curly hair, without straightening it.

The Kebelo SILK range is suitable for all hair types susceptible to frizz and has been designed to control unmanageable manes to create smooth, shiny, weightless hair. There are three products in the SILK range – SILK Shampoo, SILK Conditioner and SILK Anti-frizz Cream – all enriched with luxury ingredients, including jojoba, argan oil, quinoa and keratin.

All products in these ranges are SLS- and Paraben-free, offering an ethical, safe and gentle approach to haircare.

Sue asks:
I have had long hair since I was a young girl, I am approaching 40 and think that I need a new look. I have a long face and some people have told me I would suit my hair shorter. Are there any styles that are good for long face shapes that are current and won’t be too dramatic. I also have brown hair and I would like to be a little more adventurous, I am pale with brown eyes. Can you recommend anything that would suit me.

Dave BakerAnswered By:
Dave Baker
Hi, i can completely understand how time can get the better of you and hairstyles become hard to change as instinctively humans don’t like too much change, that being said you obviously understand the importance of a revamp. Because you have long hair and always have the option to cut shorter, for you first attempt at restyling it i would keep it simple but different, this way when you keep coming back to the salon we can keep changing it. The ideal shape for a ladies hair is oval, this is the shape we will try and achieve when cutting your hair, so because your face shape is longer you need to consentrade on round shapes to give width some great options would be to: ...More >

• classic round layering - the simplest way to give body and width but very effective
• fringe - a heavy straight fringe is not only cool and fresh for A/W14 it will give an amazing amount of width and make your restyle come to life
• long bob - cutting the length up to maybe a long bob will be perfect for you, this is huge in London at the moment because you can still wear it up, curl it and also have it straight, versatility is MASSIVE at the moment.
• short crop - the extreme way to create a new look and something perfect for you, maybe it would be good to build up to this as you will keep reinventing yourself but still if your look to make an impact to friends and family, this will do it!

now for colour,

as you have paler skin i would work with warm tones like your, copper, reds and golds which is perfect for A/W14 coming up. maybe an allover application of a burnt copper will bring out your eye colour make your hair super shiny, the other alternative is some soft blonde highlights or ombre nothing light maybe golden blonde finely woven highlights so it looks like the sun as hit it, this is also pick up your skin tone and get you glowing again.

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