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Suzanne asks:
I have naturally straight fine textured hair that I perm on occasion. I have well water and take medication. Is there a product that will strip my hair of the medication and chemicals from the water so that my hair will actually curl better (I get curl on the bottom layers and the top layer seems to straighten out after a few days).I believe my previous stylist used peroxide and perm solution before and also a product she referred to as Q-10. She moved away and know one else seems to be familiar with the technique. Do you have any ideas? I love the curly look but my hair is so hard to curl I always get disappointed.

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
There is a perm out there by Wella called Riva Perm. Try the one called Resistant, this is for difficult to perm hair so should take pretty well. I never seem to have a problem with this product.

Joanna asks:
Over the past year I have gone from having long hair to short hair in stages as well as changing a habit of a life time. As in I am now back to my natural mid brown colour hair instead of blonde. But now I have short hair like Sarah Hardings, I am not liking it. I would like to go back to a POB. What would you suggest me doing? I also have fine, lifeless hair.

Mark WoolleyAnswered By:
Mark Woolley
I could suggest that you go down the hair extensions route, but for the cost and the upkeep they take, you may be better off just having a bit of patience and waiting for your hair to grow those few extra inches! If I were you I might even consider going for another change of style – as it seems like recently you have been rather brave with changing your image! Why not try a new pixie crop as seen on Victoria Beckham? It may seem a scary prospect but it is bang on trend at the moment and also very easy to maintain. All you need to do is apply a good wax or texturiser to give the style definition, such as Fudge Matte Head

Catherine asks:
I had my second child at the end of May and am in desperate need of a hairstyle change. I currently have long straight, very fine, very blonde highlighted hair. Due to time and finances I very rarely get to have my roots done so they look awful and because my hair is so fine it looks like flyaway straw if I don’t dry and straighten it which I often don’t have time for. Also I have a cow’s lick which makes it difficult to have a fringe, although I would like one. I would love a new low maintenance and cheap to maintain style, preferably still blonde and with some length.

Mark WoolleyAnswered By:
Mark Woolley
One very simple thing you can do to ease your obvious roots to tone down your highlights. Why not go for more natural caramel and honey tones when you next get your hair highlighted, that way they will be less obvious when they grow out. I would invest in a good quality serum to control the unruly hairs, and it is possible that your hair is being made even more flyaway by the fact that you are straightening it so often. Make sure that when using straighteners you always protect your hair first by using a protective spritz, such as L’Oreal Hot Style Iron Finish (£12.30). As far as your fringe is concerned, why not try a sweeping fringe that incorporates your cow’s lick? Or if you don’t mind spending a bit of time styling your hair each morning, run some mousse through damp hair and then style with your hairdryer on a high setting, using a barrelled brush such as the Kent Hot Curls Brush (£8.00). Roll your fringe around the brush and then aim the nozzle of the hairdryer down the hair shaft. This brush has a ceramic coated heat retaining core and so will enable you to tame your cow’s lick into submission!

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