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Katie asks:
My hair is shoulder length with a fringe, short layers and a double crown. I want to grow my hair longer but I donít know if it would suit my oval face and whether my hair would look too flat- as I have very fine straight hair. Do you have any suggestions for styles that may suit me, and whether I could wear my hair long?

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
In theory as the ideal face shape is oval, most styles will suit. Because your hair is fine you might want to keep some layers, as one length hair inevitably makes the style look flatter. An excellent product to use would be Sebastianís Thickefy foam.

Jessica asks:
I have always had light blonde highlights and over the past few months have also had a base break so my roots are lighter. My hair is naturally curly and just below my shoulders. The last time I got my hair done she cut and coloured it. My stylist put some shorter layers in it as that is what I requested. She styled it straight and then used a thinning shear all over. I donít have really thick hair at all and was upset she used it. Now it feels a lot thinner and I feel like my curl is not as defined as it was. How long does it take for your hair to recover after a stylist uses the thinning shears? Does it damage your hair? How can I fix the damage? I should have asked her why she was doing that but I assumed she knew what she was doing. She knows I have curly hair and usually I wear it curly... So Iím not sure why she did that!

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
There is good and bad in every profession and I think you have just experienced the later. NOT TO WORRY. I would not EVER recommend using thinners for someone who styles their hair curly. This definitely reduces the curl result and definition. The stylist probably thinned the ends to remove the cutting lines that were visible after having your layered when dried straight. ...More >

I would recommend having a weave cut. By this I actually mean sections of your hair been taken as if to colour it when having weave highlights. Then each of the "weave" pieces in each section are cut at different lengths with scissors. This will thicken your thinned ends that have been put in previously.

It is really difficult and I can understand your frustration but when you have long curly hair the last think you want is normal layers introducing or your ends thinned.

The weave cut will help remedy some of your problem depending how far up your hair they went while thinning.

Emilia asks:
I have lots of fine hair, its shoulder length and I have a large forehead with an egg shaped face. What style would you recommend?

Charlotte MurrayAnswered By:
Charlotte Murray
Getting the colour right could be the right place to start. Having your hair graduated rather than layered is the way to go with your hair type. Find a great hairdresser and have a good consultation for the best results.

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