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Mikael asks:
Iím a guy with short fine hair whoíd want a afro curl or something that would change the texture so it would be easier to style, cause as it is now it grows straight out from the head (stands up). Itís too short to get on rollers, so some chemical that changes the texture of the hair or weights it down maybe.

Thanks you so much if you could help me! Iíve had a life long problem with my hair so far.

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
This is a common problem with strong straight hair. Yet the fact that it is too short to go around a roller makes it very difficult.

Depending on how experienced your hair stylist is you could ask them to try pipe cleaners in your hair that are really small and will give you an afro look that is cool. ...More >

You could then apply clay or matt paste for extra texture. Ensure your stylist has done this process before.

Tracey asks:
I have fine dark blonde/mousey bob style hair and pale skin. It looks dull and boring, so I would like to lighten it slightly, especially round the fringe and face. I want inexpensive and low maintenance with my hair looking as natural as possible. What would you suggest?

Martin HillierAnswered By:
Martin Hillier
The good thing is you know what you want. Wanting to lighten up around the front are of the hair is a nice way to open the face shape up. Also your hair being ímouseyí is the ideal tone to have blonde and not show such a strong regrowth, so you have that going for you too. ...More >

I would suggest consulting with a local hairdresser you feel comfortable with and let them know that you are looking at possibly hi-lighting around the front area; but just a couple of shades lighter than your natural tone. This way you brighten the overall look, but wonít have to worry about a strong regrowth.

Also remember íThe lighter you go the more the regrowth will show. If you like the results may be you will begin to lighten a bit more over the summer; but at least it will be on your terms...Enjoy!

Stephanie asks:
My Daughter is 3yrs old and of mixed race which means her hair is partly coarse but fine and is only growing on the crown and around the base, someone suggested it needed twisting to encourage it to grow? Please can you suggest anything as she is starting school next September and she is almost bald?

Diana DudasAnswered By:
Diana Dudas
Twisting will not make a difference, the best thing it to let nature take its course. It will grow and doing anything to it will only cause adverse long term affects. It is not unusual for curly hair to be late sprouting I too was bald until 21/2 years. Donít worry.

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