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Kim asks:
I had a Brazilian blowout on my baby fine hair and it was singed during the iron out process. Is there anything other than cutting it off. I heard that conditioner will not penetrate the hair shaft with the Keratin coating.

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
Unfortunately it is true that most conditioners will not penetrate the hair because of the Keratin coating, however all of the Keratin treatments also offer their own range of conditioning products which may help. Failing this the only other option is to have your hair cut.

Adel Peel asks:
I used to bleach my hair until it broke off at the crown and now Iíve dyed it brown so I wonít need to dye it but I want to grow my hair, my hair is shoulder length except for the back were it is only a few inches I would like some Expert help on what is best to do now to help it grow its really fine and when I dyed it brown at the ends it still looks a bit blonde please help.

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
The best way to try and make your hair grow is to make sure you have it cut at least every six weeks, and to invest in a high quality conditioning treatment to make your hair stronger. Both these things will help promote quicker and healthier hair growth. As far as the ends still looking a little blonde, I would strongly suggest booking a free colour consultation with a Wella Master Colour Expert who will be able to advise the best course of action.

Kerryann asks:
I have fine hair and struggle to style it what can I do?

Warren HolmesAnswered By:
Warren Holmes
Get yourself a good haircut, ideally shorter, collarbone length being ideal. The perimeter of your hair needs to be heavy to create a strong outline shape. Layers can still be added, visually they will create more volume. Aim to get a haircut that requires very little styling. Products are very important, we have a body building spray called Nicky Clarke Hair Raising that is immense and my favourite product for fine hair, use it on the roots and mid lengths. Light Mousseís are also really good. The quicker you dry it in the better. Blunt heavy fringes are great because they make your hair look thick visually. For styling, Doughnuts, hair pads etc are all good for bulking hair out.

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