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Mai asks:
I am 39, is it good and safe to use baby shampoo?

Gina AkersAnswered By:
Gina Akers
Baby shampoo is very gentle on the hair and scalp but may not be effective enough for the cleansing needs of adult hair, or able to provide your hair with the conditioning it needs. Also, if you have had chemical processes carried out on your hair such as colouring or perming, baby shampoo does not have the ingredients required to keep your colour fresh and maintain the life of your colour or perm. ...More >

In addition to this coloured and chemically treated hair requires use of shampoo and conditioner that helps the hair retain strength and moisture and nurtures the condition of your hair and scalp. You do not mention what hair type you have or anything about the health of your scalp so I would strongly advise that you visit a professional salon (you can find your nearest one on the ‘Find a Salon’ section of for a hair and scalp consultation.

During this consultation the stylist will analyse your hair and scalp and will be able to advise on what types of shampoos and conditioners are best for your needs. If you have coloured hair or are thinking of colouring your hair it is important to remember that use of a professional salon brand of shampoo and conditioner is a necessity as high street brands can leave a build up on your hair effecting the results and staying power of your colour.

It is a myth that professional salon brand shampoos and conditioners are always more expensive than high street brands, as this if often not the case. Salon brands often come in larger sizes and are usually very concentrated, so you do not need to use as much of the shampoo and conditioner as you do with the high street brands. Salon brand shampoos and conditioners usually last much longer, are safer for your hair and have far superior results, plus you can get free advice from the salon and be sure that what you are using is correct for your hair and scalp needs.

Gabrielle asks:
I have shoulder length dark chestnut brown hair which is in good condition. I've had a semi-perm gel colour put on by a fab hairdresser which was great and made my hair really shine, whilst covering a smattering of grey. I cannot afford to keep this up and would like to be able to use a similar product at home. Do you know of any good products that have little or no ammonia or peroxide in them? In the past I've tended to allow any colour to grow completely out before colouring again, but now that I have more grey coming through, this is no longer an option, which is why I want to use the gentlest product I can find.

Akin KoniziAnswered By:
Akin Konizi
I would never recommend home colouring and would strongly suggest visiting a professional technician at a salon. For a cost effective alternative, book in for a model night evening to get your hair coloured at a cheaper price. At hob salons we hold model nights on a weekly basis, offering our clients highly reduced prices as our training staff do their hair, guided by a senior member of staff. This will allow you to have professional colour used on your hair but without the higher price tag.

Lizzie asks:
I am 49 years old with an oval face and curly hair. My hair is coloured with mid brown highlights, but I would not mind going to a more natural grey colour. My problem is I always seem to end up looking like I have had an old fashioned shampoo and set. Any advice on styles and colour please.

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
I love curly hair and even when it is naturally grey it can still look stunning. I agree that many people with curly hair do tend to look like they have an old fashioned shampoo and set or a round shape due to the solid rounded layers they have cut in.

This is very UNFLATTERING and my advice would always be to have a weave cut or texture introduced internally into your shape to stop this happening. In simple terms it opens up spaces within your hair cut to allow your natural curl to move and have freedom. This will definitely stop your previous set look happening and will make your hair easier to style and far more fashionable as this allows you to have control over your hair rather than vice versa.

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