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Susie asks:
I have incredibly thick straight grey hair that no stylist seems to have a solution for .Over the years I have had it layered, textured etc as there instinct is always to remove the "bulk" but all this does is make it stick out further .Its much better when I let its own weight pull it down but because of having to have the roots permanently coloured every three weeks I end up with banding and the sheer volume makes colouring such a chore for them. As I approach my fifties Iím becoming increasingly desperate to find a style that will work for me .Iím very tall, well built with very wide shoulders and with an oval face .My hair looks best when up or swept away from my face at least on one side. By using products I can keep it fairly shiny and sleek but what is the right thing to advise my stylist because it seems every "chip in" just creates frizzy hair that sticks out even more and itís so strong that no style lasts for long without a ton of product. It goes its own way hours after every salon visit!

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
I would strongly recommend that you look into having the Keratin Complex treatment done. What this does is add keratin back into the hair which helps people like yourself with very thick coarse hair be able to manage the style better. It is important to point out that it is NOT a chemical straightening process, but it will help reduce blow drying time and difficulties dramatically.

Kerry asks:
I am a young 36 who has been going grey since my 20s and have dyed my roots every since. However, about 12 months ago I started to have an allergic reaction which was due to the PPD in the dye. My hair was dark brown but is now a multicoloured hair disaster as my roots are grey and the rest I have had highlighted different blondes to try to blend the grey, which it has not.

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Definitely keep colour away from you skin if you have had an allergic reaction in the past, they can be very nasty.

You or your hairdresser obviously decided to go with blonde highlights to make the appearance of the grey less noticeable as it started to grow out.
What I would advise is to introduce some soft caramel browns as this will help with the calming down of what you appear to have now. ...More >

This is also very IN VOGUE at the moment and by introducing some soft golden brown shades it will give you a softer tone.

I would keep more lighter tone around your parting area if you have one, to keep the appearance of your grey at bay.

Amy Harvey asks:
Hey, my hair is a mid brown but id love my hair to be a reddy ginger colour, can a hairdresser turn my hair that colour without having to bleach it? As I donít think my hair could take anymore bleach

Dave BakerAnswered By:
Dave Baker
Hi Amy,

To achieve a perfect copper tone in the hair ideally you would need to take out most the previous colour. ...More >

You could do this in a number of ways.

clarifying shampoo-

use this shampoo for a month and it should hopefully lift enough for a good base for the copper colour.

milkshake lightning oil-

milkshake do a great product called lightning oil, NO ammonia and its not a bleach but it will lift coloured hair enough to make a PERFECT base

if none of these are an option, you CAN put a copper tone over previous colour but you would have to make sure it was similar dept to your hair colour now.

Hope this helps


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