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Rebecca asks:
I have had allergic to hair dyes after dying my hair black for about 4 years. Now I can only use wash-in dyes which will dye my roots and not touch the rest of my hair. Itís now multi-coloured and I hate it. Is there anything a salon would be able to do? A more natural dye that will both take and last more than a few washes?

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
If you have had a reaction to permanent colour it is essential to use non reactive colours on your hair and scalp. The only other alternative is to have woven highlights or low lights which will permanently colour your hair but keep the chemical away from your scalp.

Kaci asks:
It has been rare in my 40 years, to find someone who can cut my hair correctly. Only twice as a matter of fact, I have very curly, coarse hair that is coloured. I try to describe "cascading curls" with blunt layers that are longer at the crown. Point cut but not sliding or texturizing. Still, I can't find anyone to cut it right. I like to have a proper angle around my face with more like a layer than a layer than a layer. No one will do this. They say it will look funny. Please help describe a style that will work for both curly and straight. At this point, with several haircuts to "fix" the problem, my hair has ended up shoulder length. It will be grown out!

Jason KearnsAnswered By:
Jason Kearns
I think if you drop the words cascading curls it might help. I do understand why you donít want any texturizing, you hair has enough texture in it as it is. You might want to find a cutter that cuts dry first you just need to find one and I think your problem would be solved.

Gillie asks:
I have short ginger hair and I normally bleach it blonde but I am starting to get fed up of that tacky look once I have bleached it for the first week, I was considering going to a hairdressers to get it permanently dyed blonde but I was told that Hairdresserís wonít permanently dye ginger hair to blonde as it can really damage the hair and may turn out wrong also. So I was just wondering if the Hairdresserís will actually dye my hair for me to achieve a good non tacky ash blonde look that I am not able to get out of the bottle.

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Ginger hair cannot be coloured blonde? Not true. Any good salon would be able to give you a great blonde result. Obviously your natural warm tone in your hair will be a factor but it can definitely be achieved by a good professional.

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