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Az asks:
I am quite interested in the Unity hairstyle, short, fringe to one side and a Mohican from front to back with red highlights I was wondering if you could do something similar with browny blonde hair and what you think my highlights should be and if I should get my hair lightened.

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
I have seen the picture and Iím sure a similar look could be created with different coloured hair, although if you were going to go down a similar route as the picture then I would enhance the blonde even more so and be even more creative. Why not go the whole hog and do something that stands out, go for it!

Alison asks:
I have been going grey since I was 27. Iím now 31. My natural hair colour is a very dark brown. For some reason no hair colourant seems to cover my grey hair. I have been to a salon today, had an all over permanent colour put on but it still didnít cover my grey hairs. What can you recommend?

Beverly CAnswered By:
Beverly C
There is no reason why your grey hair shouldnít cover properly - so itís due to the incorrect mixture of the colour. However, some hair is stubborn and often grey haired clients feel that their coloured hair is lifeless and has a block colour effect. Hope is at hand Ė Goldwell have just launched a new colour for the grey haired client whether you are 30 or 60 years of age. Itís called Triflective Naturals - it is the most amazing colour I have ever worked with - it covers beautifully and gives off reflective lights - so it looks young and lively. Find a Goldwell Salon that supplies this and go there.

Hayley asks:
I have longish hair that is coloured from my natural mousy brown to a mahogany red/brown. I have always used colour protect shampoos, but recently my hair has started to get very frizzy. I was wondering if you think changing to anti frizz shampoos will ruin my colour or if you could recommend any products I can use?

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
It sounds like your hair needs some TLC! 90% of us suffer with dry, brittle or frizzy hair as our hair is lacking in moisture. It is imperative to allow moisture to get inside the hair follicles to achieve smooth, shiny and healthy hair. This can only be achieved by continuing to protect hair from chemical and environmental damage. I donít think you should stop using a colour protecting shampoo and conditioner as they really are the best thing to use to protect coloured hair whilst also helping to restore your moisture levels. . If you find that your hair is going frizzy then I suggest that you start using an intensive treatment on your hair regularly as this will help to repair damaged follicles, improve porosity, elasticity and general health and appearance of your hair I also suggest giving your hair a regular treat like my Hot shots 2 Minute Miracle. It restores the moisture balance in your hair whilst stimulating and increasing circulation. Basically what this means is that your hair follicles can absorb more nutrients, improving the growth rate and the health of your hair. So you can banish the dreaded frizz. To keep your hair a gorgeous rich mahogany colour you should continue to use a shampoo and conditioner that protects the colour. My Colour Love shampoo and conditioner would be perfect for your hair, as its gentle formula is designed especially for over-stressed coloured hair The shampoo is formulated with UV filters to help give longer life to coloured hair, so rather than washing the colour out, you are washing much needed love and care in. Finish off with the ultra nourishing conditioner and your hair colour will not only be safe but will sparkle with health!

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