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Marianna asks:
I have very thick, greying hair that Iíve worn in a short, funky (dyed) style for several years. I want to try a longer, (shoulder length) more sophisticated look but Iíve no idea how to manage my hair during the íin-between, big hairí stage.

Any tips?

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
It is difficult when you are growing a short hairstyle out. Given that your hair is coloured and you are going through "the big hair" stage I would invest in some professional platform straighteners. These irons are the best I have ever used and they will look after your colour and make your styling options much easier to control the "big hair". ...More >

When using these irons always use "one Pass" that is to take each section and slowly glide the iron down it. This allows the Nano Fuzion technology in the product to work. Making your hair healthy shiney and smooth.

This will definitely help you while growing your hair into a longer look.

Lucy asks:
My hair is naturally mousy brown/dark blonde, my hairdresser was over bleaching it, so I asked for a more nut/cappuccino brown colour to go with my remaining blonde highlights. I ended up with all over deep mahogany red, and have since been spending loads and struggling to regain my natural hair, to no avail. We tried a colour lift treatment which took away some of the red, but not much and then put blonde highlights through the top to lighten it up, which is more bearable. But I really want to go back to my natural colour or a hazel brown base colour with my existing blonde highlights. I really donít know what to do for the best. If I can do it myself with a home dye of sorts fine, as I seem to be throwing good money after bad trying to get it fixed..

Sue PembertonAnswered By:
Sue Pemberton
Sorry you have been experiencing difficulty getting to a natural colour, which really is not usually difficult to do. I am not sure what happened but I think, when you asked for a nut brown thatís where a stylist might think of chestnut brown and maybe thatís why you ended up with the mahogany brown (which is a cool red/brown to me a colourist). I am not sure if your stylist filled your hair first because it was a very light blonde, the filler would consist of a gold and copper and then putting a brown colour on top of the filler and this method is the correct way to colour hair back to natural. Maybe that is why you are seeing red, but it would not be mahogany (cool red) but a warm golden brown, close to the hazel brown you are referring to. I am not sure what you now have left, after the removal but it really is not difficult to cancel out the red tone in your hair with a ash tone color, although now due to the red being there you might have to keep neutralizing the red as it may keep coming back on a lighter level but you should be okay to do that when you have your highlights done. The only way I can help you is to suggest that you take as many images/pictures or examples of what brown you would like to achieve and have a discussion with the stylist/colorist so they can explain what is possible and if you feel confident in the discussion continue with the stylist. I do want to explain that it is very difficult to exactly match natural hair as usually natural hair is ash and cool in appearance and coloured hair is warmer unless at darker levels due to the lifting process whilst colouring but I really feel you are wanting a warmer brown so you should not be having this difficulty. I really can not suggest more as I am not there to see the situation in person and I wouldnít want to give you the wrong advice, I hope the above information helps you.

Lynne asks:
I have long dyed black very straight hair, I would love to have a perm or a demi wave to put some body in my hair, but because of the dye I am a bit concerned

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
If Iím honest most hairdressers would advise against perming coloured hair. Obviously it depends largely on the condition of your hair.

I would definitely advise booking a consultation with your hairdresser before committing to having a perm, as the most important aspect is the condition of your hair.

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