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Rose asks:
I donít understand what is happening to my hair. My hair has always been baby fine and now that itís going completely grey, the hair on the crown of my head seems to be growing very dry and brittle, but the rest of it is still growing baby fine. Iíve coloured it for years at home, but now I only use John Friedaís colour glaze. Iíve used so many products that claim to moisturise and heal damage to hair, but it seems that to no avail, it still is dry and brittle. I even bought so many different kinds of hair oil, but they donít seem to reverse the dryness. Is this normal for only parts of your hair that is grey to have a different texture? Is there anything I can do, because I keep cutting at the dry hair and itís getting shorter and shorter on top. I would love to let it grow healthy and I really donít want to go completely grey. Is there any hope for me? Do colour glazes dry your hair out more?

Jason KearnsAnswered By:
Jason Kearns
Maybe you need to go see a colour expert and let them have a look at this, the product your using might not be helping.

Julie asks:
I am 41 and have medium to fine textured hair thatís just below chin length bob thatís coloured red. I get fed up of my hair and like to change it regularly including the colour, I am happy to style it, I have a heart shaped face but I am a little overweight so it appears slightly rounder, any ideas!

Damien CarneyAnswered By:
Damien Carney
Layering the hair is often a great solution to add new life to your look. Keep the layers square as this will remove and neutralize the appearance of roundness. Perhaps something a little off balanced will keep the shape fresh Ė if you are daring enough! Styling is vital to the new look, Iím a huge fan of using the texture nature provides and your hands are the best tool when it comes to styling. Layering is the perfect solution, add some multi dimensional colour Ė a few shades, focused on the front of the hair cut will enhance the shape.

Marianna asks:
I have very thick, greying hair that Iíve worn in a short, funky (dyed) style for several years. I want to try a longer, (shoulder length) more sophisticated look but Iíve no idea how to manage my hair during the íin-between, big hairí stage.

Any tips?

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
It is difficult when you are growing a short hairstyle out. Given that your hair is coloured and you are going through "the big hair" stage I would invest in some professional platform straighteners. These irons are the best I have ever used and they will look after your colour and make your styling options much easier to control the "big hair". ...More >

When using these irons always use "one Pass" that is to take each section and slowly glide the iron down it. This allows the Nano Fuzion technology in the product to work. Making your hair healthy shiney and smooth.

This will definitely help you while growing your hair into a longer look.

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