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Debbie asks:
I have golden blond highlights, but I’m not satisfied with the "yellow" tint it gives off. I want to have pretty blonde hair, with no yellow or gold tints and without going platinum. What color highlights would I ask for next time I go to the stylist? And how do I maintain this perfect colour without doing serious damage to my hair?

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
Really the only way of losing the yellow in your colour is to add an ashen tone to the mix, but this can sometimes look a little like a platinum colour.

I would ask your hairdresser for a strand test first so you can see the colour before committing to the highlights. This means a small clipping of hair being cut off and coloured with the proposed colour choice.

Pauline asks:
I have recently had a hairdresser colour my hair and put some highlights through the top of my hair. They looked awful, so I went back to the hairdresser and they put some darker foils through the highlights to break it up. It looked ok for a week or so, but really faded. When I went back last week, the hairdresser coloured my hair again with Goldwell N6 and it looked dreadful, it was really gingery. I did not like the colour, so I went and bought a semi permanent colour in chocolate brown, but my hair has gone almost black, with a lot of red in the light, but around the roots it’s a lot lighter. I have spoken to a different hairdresser and they recommend that I have a bleach bath on my hair to lighten it, then have a lighter colour but I am worried it will ruin my hair what would you advise?

Jason KearnsAnswered By:
Jason Kearns
You will have to decide one way or the other Light or Dark? For me, I would advise to stay on the dark side and no more playing around with lightening it and also find a really GOOD Colour Tech to look at it.

Stephanie asks:
I have naturally strawberry blonde (close to ginger) coloured hair. I would like to lighten it to a blonde colour without losing all the ginger. Is it right to use "Go Blonder" shampoo’s to do this or is there another way.

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Go Blonder shampoos will not give you the effect you require. I would visit a professional hair salon in your area and have woven highlights introduced in a very subtle way to give you what you want. To go lighter you have to have a lightener applied. You should not have to have bleach as high lift tint should get the tone you require. Your hair sounds gorgeous so ensure you get a professional stylist to keep it this way. I would also recommend investing in a good quality Nano Fuzieon hairdryer. This will leave your hair like silk and help maintain its condition while styling.

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