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Ria asks:
Iíve had my hair coloured crazy hair colour green and it has been topped up three times, my hairdresser bleached bathed it 3 times and it wouldnít remove, since then Iíve used fairy liquid, vosene, had it dyed bright red, and used b4 colour remover twice its only faded but will not be removed, do you have any suggestions how I can get it removed?

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
Without damaging your hair anymore with colour processes this colour with time will fade however it may need some cutting to help removal of this colour.

Dianne asks:
My previous hairdresser was really cautious with my fine long hair. I have it blonde and she never used heat and advised me not to, and to never backcomb or do anything damaging. My current hairdresser is more gung-go, using the dryer to cook my colour, combing it through, saying backcombing is fine, etc. My scalp is crusty from this latest colouring and I think there may be a slight deterioration in my hair condition. What is your opinion on the treatment of long, coloured, 50 old year old fine hair?

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
Colour can be left to develop with and without heat however, if you feel like it doesnít need the heat then leave it to develop naturally. As to backcombing, this is something that should be done gently and cautiously. Again if you donít need to then lay off and keep things simple.

Joe asks:
2 years ago I experimented with hair lightener and bleached my hair a few times. I have naturally very dark brown/black hair and the result of the bleaching gave me a strawberry blonde colour which I was very unhappy with. 2 years on from the last time I put bleach on my hair, my hair is growing through a strawberry blonde colour in places. Why is this happening to me when I donít have red hair and have never had red hair in my life?

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
This is a tricky one really. If you mean that the older hair (middle lengths and ends) are growing through strawberry blonde, then this could mean that although your natural colour may appear to be dark brown/black in actual fact there is probably some natural warm tones that have been brought out by the bleach (this is quite normal). If on the other hand the strawberry blonde is growing through as new hair from the root then this is something I have never heard of before. If this is the case you could consider having your hair coloured to match your natural colour.

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