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Zeinab asks:
As I want to dye my hair an ashy (brown/blond) grey and want to keep it as long as it can without damaging it or altering the colour, I think about buying a colour depositing conditioner but have a bit of a dilemma in what colour should I choose to keep it the closest to the hair colour I want: if I take a grey or red neutralizing conditioner I fear to lose the ashy tone (dirty tone from brown/blond-ish) and if I go with a brown or beige depositing conditioner I donít know if it would take the grey off the hair overtime, thanks for helping

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Iím a little confused with the question, I assume you have coloured hair and you want to tone and blend the grey hair between colour, if thatís correct and the colour you want to achieve is an ash / cool tone then and ash brown / dark blonde conditioner may be the answer. It will neutralise the natural red undertone as well as deposit a temporary colour on the grey.

Sigrid Kofod Christiansen asks:
I have this kind of ashy deep brown colour, but 3 years ago I got my hair coloured very red at a salon. But since then I havenít been able to get that red tone out off my hair. Every time I try to colour my hair back to this ashy brown colour, I end up with a mix between red and brown, but that is not what I want. Itís like my hair absorbs the red much better. Should I tell my hairdresser to leave out the red pigment, when she colours my hair?

Ken PictonAnswered By:
Ken Picton
Your hairdresser should definitely be leaving the red tone out. You should be opting for an ashier/green tone than originally desired to counteract the red tone. Red is a very hard colour to get rid of and ash should be used to remove the red tone. Your colourist should also be thinking about where the colour is on your hair from 3 years ago as this part of your hair will require a different colour on the parts of your hair that arenít coloured

Teresa asks:
Ive recieved very conflicting answers about Argan oil. I know its good for your hair but will it strip or fade my newly colored black streaks? SOme say absolutly, some say itll keep them from fading. Which is true? Help!

Ken PictonAnswered By:
Ken Picton
Hi there,

Thanks for getting in touch, you should listen to the good comments, Argan Oil is a natrual organic oil that is perfect to rehydrate hair and it adds shine, health and vitality, it will not strip your newly coloured hair or encourage fading.

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