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Daisy asks:
I have waist length, naturally dark brown hair and last week I went to a salon to get it coloured for the first time. I wanted the Balayage style with a slightly lighter brown. After the treatment, I couldnít see any difference in the salon but now Iím home I see a very rusty/brassy uneven colour on my hair. Itís blotchy in places with red tones and my hair feels very damaged and dry. I had no split ends before this but now I have a lot of split ends and in general my hair is dried out and frizzy, even after conditioning treatments. Iím not sure what to do now. I donít want to use a colour stripper, because itís often damaging and I canít afford to go back to a salon (they charged me about 200 pounds for this awful cut and colour).

Hayley Gibson-ForbesAnswered By:
Hayley Gibson-Forbes
If your hair has been ruined by a colourist, the best thing to do is complain at the time and refuse to pay full price. Explain why itís not what you wanted and how itís different to what you asked for. Most salons will simply refund you or offer to correct the damage, as they wonít want to damage their reputation. I recommend that you go back to the salon and explain why you are unhappy. Ask for a full consultation before you proceed with the colour correction.

Vistie Marsden asks:
I am so sick of my frizzy hair! I have tried everything from sulphate free shampoo to deep conditioners and frizz remedies and so many different brands! I use hair mousse, I use leave in conditioner, I always rinse my hair in cold water after washing and I use a diffuser. It seems to be dry like straw and Iíve had enough of it! I even made a concoction from things in my cupboard such as peanut butter, lime, coconut oil, olive oil and apple cider vinegar as a hair mask. What do I do? The ends of my hair donít appear to be split but are rough to touch. I have not coloured my hair so I do not know what is wrong?! Any advice?

Deborah ChesterAnswered By:
Deborah Chester
Hello vistie, naturally curly hair is lacking in moisture , so make sure any treatments are moisture based not protein based or you could be making the problem worse. Zinc deficiencies can cause the hair to be dry and brittle so a good hair supplement can help your hair from the inside. Use a styling cream on your hair rather than mousse as this can dry hair out , leave to dry naturally or only take the worst of the moisture out with a diffuser. As the hair will form better curls and take moisture in whilst drying naturally.

Bailey asks:

I have hair colour similar to #60 (Super white, ash blonde hair and am looking to achieve a medium natural dark brown with a golden tinge). I understand I need to use a filler colour so I bought a red mousse leave in colour. I applied the mousse to a strand, left in and re-coloured with a permanent base colour 6 (66/0 Koleston ). Once i washed it all out, I ended up with a reddy brown colour almost mahogany with a tint of purple.

Can you recommend how I can achieve just a natural medium-dark brown without any tinges or hits of the red?

Thank you!

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Bailey

I would never recommend using a mousse for a number of reasons, for example if you to go more than 2 shades darker than the current colour itís not long lasting enough and quite often the direct dye content can overpower the end result, so exactly whatís happened to you. ...More >

I would suggest you give the hair a few shampoos with a clarifying shampoo, then apply and natural base of a 7 over what you currently have, this way the red you have used twice should be stable enough as the filler, the one shade lighter (7) means the hair wonít go to dark but the fact itís a natural colour should netralise a bit of the mahogany and leave you with a more natural brown thatís more golden. After a few more washes the red will completely go then you can use a 6.3 and have you desired result.

Good luck.

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