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Nadey asks:
My natural hair colour is black. I have dyed it brown, and then black again in the last 2 years. And now I want to go try a different shade of brown, but my hairdresser said she wonít dye my hair as she canít put colour on colour. Is their no other way to have my hair coloured?

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
I would suggest asking your stylist if they could place fine woven foil highlights 1 or 2 shades lighter than your base tone. Once this has been done you could have a semi permanent colour applied over your whole head which would give the effect of going slightly lighter. This would be multi tonal but it would look very natural and give you the result you are looking for.

Joanna asks:
I have coloured my hair for the last 5 years as I have the same grey white streak my mum has on my side only- eat you heart out Cruella - however here lie the problem. My hair is fine, flyaway untidy mess looks great when I leave the salon until I wash it and am straight back to untidy, semi wavy dry hair. My problem is I am going into hospital and will have limited use of my arms for 12 weeks. I would like to have a soft perm as I canít brush or style during that time. Please can anyone suggest the best options to me?

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
I would suggest having your hair in a shorter style. If you have a soft perm or wave introduced into your hair then it WILL need some styling to make your hair look its best. ...More >

If you have a shorter style for a while, while you are recovering, you could also have some colour introduced to give you texture and a style that always looks great with minimal styling requirements.

The colour will thicken your hair, not only in appearance but in volume also. The introduction of some colour can be placed so that it works with your hairstyle, not only when you have visited the salon. Explain to your stylist the issues you have with your hair and she should be able to give you a style that will work with your natural wave and fine texture to ensure your hair looks its best while you are unable to maintain it as you usually would.

Have a look on the style gallery at some shorter hairstyles with colour to give you some idea of looks you could choose.

Tracy asks:
My hair is coloured Koleston perfect 55/46 on top and 22/0 underneath. I have recently had a perm. It took really well on the dark hair but on the red hair it is like chewing gum. Could the red colour be affected differently?

Beverly CAnswered By:
Beverly C
There is nothing quite like a brilliant red as you had 55/46. But, if your hair is not in perfect condition it would be affected by a perm, also if the perm solution was too strong for your hair type it may have caused this problem. Strong reds and perms often do not mix well. It was not the colour that caused this, it was the perm. From your description. It sounds to me that your hair is ruined , as I am not liking the words chewing Gum. What I suggest is to opt for a straighter look again and have a total restyle. Get as much as the perm out as possible. In the meantime, use strong red shade from the Colour Fresh range all over the red part of your hair- these are true semi permanent shade that will add great tone and shine to your hair. You can continue to use Koleston on the roots, but feed the ends with Colour Fresh. Also use a treatment at least 3 times a week until your hair begins to feel in better condition.

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