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Linda asks:
I have very dark hair (almost black) and have been dying my roots for the last 4 years to hide the onset of grey. I am now 38 & 6 weeks ago decided to take the plunge and get my hair professionally highlighted. I got lovely fine caramel highlights all over, which looked great and I bought anti-fade colour products to keep it good. After a couple of weeks it started to look really ginger - what went wrong? It was so not the look I was expecting and do not want it to happen again. I went to a good salon and thought I would be safe! How can I stop it changing colour like this again?

Pablo AlvarezAnswered By:
Pablo Alvarez
To stop it looking so orange at the moment you can ask for a toner, just to tone the orange down slightly. Ask for a Ash Blue Toner. If you have already coloured your hair all over dark again then there is a new product by Redken with has been formulated for very dark hair and coloured hair. It is Coloured Colour Fusion Browns depending on how much red tone you have in your hair naturally you will need either a Ash/Blue tone or Ash/Gold.

Samantha asks:
I had my hair coloured in December. I have very dark hair naturally and I went into a salon to have blonde highlights put through it. However, when it was finished, the blonde started about 2 inches away from my roots and did not look very good, I complained about it and the hairdresser told me that you have to leave a large expansion gap when using bleach in foils and if I wanted the blonde to be near my roots, I should have had a full head colour because you cannot get any foil close to the root, can you give me your opinion?

Michelle GriffinAnswered By:
Michelle Griffin
To be honest two inches does seem a very noticeable amount from the root. It is true that you cannot get exactly too the root area but it is usually close enough not to notice it, especially as its just been coloured. I would perhaps speak to the manager of the salon and see if they can help.

Elizabeth asks:
I have very long naturally Dark to Mid Brown hair, but for the last 2 years, I have been applying a natural black permanent hair colour. The condition is excellent, and now I only need to touch up the roots every 8 weeks or so. But now, after a series of life changes, I want to go back to my Cindy Crawford style highlighted look, which I had about 6 years ago. I am 26, and do not yet have any signs of grey. Is it possible to highlight hair which has been coloured so dark? I have seen it done before, but I know I will loose at least a third off my length, if not half due to chemical damage through lightening. Are my expectations too high?

Andrew JoseAnswered By:
Andrew Jose
It is possible to colour over coloured hair but with me not being able to see it and if it is very dark I would suggest going to a professional and seeking advice. They may strip a lot of the colour out of it first and then highlight on top. It might take a few times of going to get the desired look but it is possible and fairly straightforward. You can get free consultations at most salons!

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