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Jenny asks:
I really want a distinct hair style and I fancy adding some bright coloured highlights to my brown hair, possibly pink. Is this possible and how long will it last?

Trevor SorbieAnswered By:
Trevor Sorbie
Go to a cutting edge salon for a consultation first. You will have to have sections bleached then coloured. The colour might have to be retouched once every 3 weeks but you can do this at home with a wash in colour recommended by your hairdresser.

Rosemary asks:
I colour my hair myself with a box colour from Superdrug. A light Blonde, permanent, then I colour back all over every 4 weeks or so. What I want to know is, when I get to look at fun colours or toners they say only use on natural or bleached hair to tone. Some I use like Jerome and some are okay if theyíre silvery but why do they say this? What colours can I use on coloured hair to say colour it pinky or purply. Do I just have to use the spray on ones? Or leave my hair to go back to natural blonde then use the fun ones? Iím confused. THANKS

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Rosemary, the fun colours and timers are recommended to use on blonde, bleached and pre lightened hair as they wonít show on dark hair. You can use them on your hair but depending on how light blonde you are and the tone of your hair will determine the result! Hope thatís helpful.

Breanne asks:
My name is Breanne Taylor and about 5-6 years ago I got my hair bleached white, to which I do regular up-keep with my roots and toning it after at my salon. For reference, the past 2-3 years I have done more of a winter wheat white blonde with highlights for dimension. For reference, originally I was a dirty/ash blonde. Lately though, I have thought about getting my hair done to a strawberry blonde, but I am afraid if colouring my hair again will make the condition of my hair worse or if this colour is a bit better hair health wise? I have thin, medium length, straight/wavy hair but itís generally healthy every other way and I would love one day to have longer hair (mid back). I do have some hair growth at the top of scalp with taking Biosil, but I believe I also have breakage due to the toning and roots I get done to my hair every 5-6 weeks. I would also love to know if Strawberry blonde hair colour would work with my colouring; I have pale/ivory skin with yellow undertones and hazel eyes.

So my questions are: - Do you think Strawberry Blonde would suit me, especially with my colouring? - Is it healthier then getting it toned every 5-6 weeks? - If so, what type of hair care/products would you suggest for coloured hair? - Any hair growth tips? - Lastly, if I wanted to go back to being white-ish blonde, how easy would it to be to go back and would it effect my hair greatly? Thank you for all your help, Breanne

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Breanne, I really need to know your natural base colour, but it sounds to me that strawberry blonde will really suit your skin colour and it will be more conditioning for your hair long term so you will be able to grow it! Good luck and go for it!

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