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Lakeysha asks:
Why do you have to wait after dying your hair to perm it?

The Dream QueensAnswered By:
The Dream Queens
This is not always the case anymore. Todays perms are more technologically advanced so there are times when you can colour and perm on the same day. It is best to speak to a professional and they will be able to advice you on the best perm for coloured hair.

Donna asks:
I have great lengths hair extensions but they are always frizzy and brittle on the ends what can I use to soften them.

Michelle GriffinAnswered By:
Michelle Griffin
I am really not familiar with Great Lengths hair as I only ever use the Racoon system and hair. I am presuming its real hair. There are two levels of real hair - Asian and European. The standard of hair is significantly better for European as it has not had to be stripped then coloured, so although it costs more, in the long run it looks better and lasts longer. It may be that you have had Asian hair applied. I would revisit your salon and first of all get a trim to take off the brittle and frizzy ends. Then use a hair mask once a week on the mid lengths and ends only (avoid the roots as it may soften the bonds and make the extensions loose). When styling, ensure you use a heat protector especially if you are ironing your hair. Remember, hair extensions are just like your own hair so should be protected and conditioned as you would normally. Use a shampoo and conditioning range purely for extensions - Racoons Extend range is perfect for real hair extensions. Call 01295 770999 for your nearest stockist.

Sue H asks:
I have a perm in that was done over a year ago plus a permanent colour in. I want a new restyle plus colour. I want to go lighter as I have a lot of grey head practically a full head and only 30 hence why I colour my hair! Instead of going darker I would like to go lighter so my roots do not look so bad when they come through. I would like to go a dark blonde , can it be done on permed already coloured hair. I have long hair hence why it is still in midway down I do not want to get it cut short, I am willing to get a few inches chopped off. Also how do I straighten it? It always goes frizzy when I dry.

Michelle GriffinAnswered By:
Michelle Griffin
If you have an old perm and colour in your hair and you are looking for another drastic hair colour change, visit a reputable salon and ask for a consultation. There are lots of different types of bleaching or lightening effects that can now be applied on permed hair. Todays technology is so much softer on the hair now. I would suggest you start treating your hair to some deep conditioning treatments over the next few weeks (twice a week) to enable your hair to be in its maximum condition. Your stylist will, no doubt, recommend taking some of the length away as the ends to tend to dry and frizz if chemically treated, do not worry, it will look much better for it. Hair tends to frizz when its thirsty and in need of a cut - so this should help.

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