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Sarah - Louise asks:
My hair is very long, down to the bottom of my back. It is very thick and 18 months ago, I dyed it black and red. I have about 4 inches of roots showing. My natural hair colour is medium brown. I want to dye my hair a dark blonde/gold colour and was wondering if this is possible with my hair coloured already. After 18 months my hair is now a maroon colour with patches of faded black but my natural hair colour on the whole of the underneath. I have been told by one hairdresser that I can dye my hair dark blonde, but it needs to be stripped a few times first. A different hairdresser on the other hand, told me I cannot dye it any other colour but black. Could you please give me the correct information on whether or not I can dye my hair the colour I want.

Pablo AlvarezAnswered By:
Pablo Alvarez
It is a rather difficult job, so you will found some hairdressers not wanting to do it. I would be able to do the job probably in the same manner as hairdresser number 1, doing some module or even perhaps a shampoo bleach but you have to think about the condition of your hair after the process, I would however very strongly advised you to have a strand test prior to having it done.

Jen asks:
I recently had my blonde highlights dyed over and had a colour a lot darker than my natural colour put on but I hate it its too dark. What can I do to lighten it? Will getting it stripped ruin my hair?

Trevor SorbieAnswered By:
Trevor Sorbie
Go back to the salon where you had your hair coloured and explain that you are not happy. A bleach bath can sometimes be used to lift colour but this must be done by a professional in salon or you could damage your hair. The salon you originally went to should be pleased to help you and resolve the matter.

Kate asks:
I have been seriously thinking about getting some brightly coloured hair extensions, I only want streaks not length, will this cause the serious damage. I have read about in magazines, or does that only apply to a full head of extensions?

Dawn CooperAnswered By:
Dawn Cooper
There should never be any damage to your natural hair or scalp regardless of how many extensions are applied as long as you visit a professional extension stylist who uses a reputable manufacturer. Any damage caused is invariable due to inexperienced people applying them or people not caring for their extensions correctly once they have been applied. Extensions are safe on the hair. Vibrant hair extensions are great fun and can be used to compliment clothes on a night out or just for a bit of a change. Racoon offers two types of coloured extensions - the new Vibrant Real Hair in gorgeous shades like Violet, Peacock Blue, Ruby Red etc and also Synthetic Hair in bright shades like hot pink, canary yellow and lime green etc, pretty much any colour you like! Call 01295 770999 for your nearest stockist.

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