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Michelle asks:
My hair is thick and long, so can occasionally get greasy, but since I have coloured it has been limp and lifeless, with an excess of oil at the roots. Are there any shampoos or treatments available to cleanse my hair whilst maintaining the colour?

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Your colour service may have left your body feeling like it needs to replace sebum (oil). What I would do first is

Wash your hair with a mild shampoo (not for greasy hair)?
While shampooing only give your hair a light massage, and try not to wash it every day as this will increase your sebum production.
You need a certain amount of oil on your scalp and if you are removing it all every day with shampooing then your body will try and replace it quicker as it is getting the message that your scalp is dry. Also after shampooing on the final rinse use cool water to cool down your scalp. Also use a light spray leave in conditioner and only apply this to your mid lengths and ends ensuring it does not come into contact with your scalp. Please try the above first as this may well sort out you problem after the chemical colour service you have just had

Lynda asks:
I recently dyed my hair black/red, I want to go lighter to a light brown with blonde highlights how would I do this without mucking my hair up?

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
I would recommend going to a professional salon near where you live for a consultation with the colour technician.

Hair is a fragile fiber. Look at mine! Hair is dead which is why it needs care and attention. You are right to be concerned over mucking your hair up and a good hairdresser after a thorough consultation will be able to inform you of your options. Remember anything can be done but it is the condition and tone already in your hair that will definitely limit the options open to you. ...More >

Going lighter to a light brown actually means removing all the previously dark red tone you have had put in which can be done but this will affect the condition of your hair. So it is for these reasons that I think you must get a professional opinion they can see your hair first hand and advise you of how to achieve what you want without messing your hair up.

Once you have your achieved a colour you are happy with, it is important to give your hair TLC. Make sure you use a professional shampoo conditioner and treatments that your hairdresser will prescribe for you. And when styling ensure you use the right products to maintain and look after your hair condition.

If you straighten your hair then professional irons are the best by far as the infra red heat helps protect your hair by locking in moisture and the cuticle is left smooth and shiny and healthy which is vital to get the best colour result out of your hair. When you have had your hair coloured maintaining the colour is important to look after the investment you have put into your new hair colour and style.

Remember keep it on your head and not in a bag.

Lee asks:
I have natural dark blonde hair. I have been having my hair coloured dark brown for 2 years. I want to go lighter for the summer but there is a lot of red now in the colour and I am unsure of how to go ahead.

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
The first step is to go for a consultation with your stylist so that they are aware of what you would like. Take tear out sheets from magazines, images from the internet and anything else that reflects the styles you like, helping your colourist to get a better idea of the look you are after. Discuss adding some lighter highlights into the hair as this is a good solution to combating red tones, whilst still lightening the overall colour of your hair.

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