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Wendy asks:
I recently noticed what I thought was residue stuck half way down the shaft of some of the hair on the top of my head. I thought it was hairspray which had not washed out properly. However, on closer inspection I realised that it was actually a break in my hair where the follicle had lifted. A lot of these hairs have since broken about 1 inch from my scalp leaving my hair looking very thin. My hair has been bleached for many years and I also moved from the UK to Turkey where the sun is hot and the water very hard. I am 47. What is happening to my hair and how can I reverse the problem?

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
You cannot reverse the problem.

What you need to do is keep it on your head ...More >

IT NEEDS TLC. It may actually mean having it cut to remove the problem.

What I would do is visit a good professional salon for advice in your area.

Having blonde hair and moving to a hot climate with hard water? Boy your hair needs help.

Seek some good local advice and follow the home hair care advice to the letter.

There are some professional ranges which have some fantastic treatments for Dry, damaged, coloured hair. Seek them out and you should start to notice a huge difference.

Emily asks:
My eyes are hazel what colour hair do you think will make my eyes stand out? My natural hair colour is dark brown, but I coloured it and now its light brown.

Jason KearnsAnswered By:
Jason Kearns
Go back to a very dark brown with some warmth to it.

Alicia asks:
I got my highlights retouched today and she messed up the colour and it is way too light and it looks harsh on my face. Is there anyway I can have it toned down with out spending a lot of money? I really hate the way it looks now and do not really want to dye it because I love my natural coloured hair. Do you have any ideas on how to fix it?

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Please go back to the salon that provided your colour service as they should want to ensure that they have happy clients. The easiest way would be to weave through some low lights into you hair to help tone down the brightness you have. It needs to be done by a professional hairdresser as although it is the easiest way to tone down your colour it is the application and selection of hair to be coloured.

They should want to put things right for you and after all you have paid them for a professional colour service

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