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Jude asks:
I have been dyeing my hair for about 20 years, firstly by choice, but now through needing to cover my grey, I use off the shelf colours and do it at home but I have found that the colour does not last as long as it should, I have regrowth after only a week sometimes after only a couple of days. My hair is shoulder length and I love it long but I have been considering having at all cut off to let my natural grey through then I wonít have to colour my hair and cause more damage, I would also like to stay a young looking 49 year old not and old grey Grandma!

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
On average your hair will grow about half an inch per month. Typically people have their hair coloured every 4-6 weeks as this is when they start to notice the re growth. Most of your problems may be down to incorrect application or development time. I would recommend visiting a professional salon and asking if they have training sessions where the students can attend to your needs in a professional way.

The result you would get would be much more professional and should last the time described above.

Lesley asks:
You would think I would know better being a Hairdresser. Obviously not. I recently coloured my hair brown with a semi colour which grabbed straight away. Previous to that I have always been blonde.(12/1). I have really gold tones in my hair which were hard to colour. I decided I wanted to go back blonde. I did a bleach bath which just sent it a deep ginger colour so I decided to put an ash colour on to remove the gold tone, it just turned orange so I decided to do a full head of bleach which didnít change the colour at all. I then thought of adding a bit of tone to it with a 10/0 which still didnít do a thing so I ended up going into work and getting one of the girls to do a full head of highlights to even the ginger colour. Not a thing. All this was done in 24 hours. YES my hair is still on my head (just). I have used a silver shampoo to lighten the gold tone, which it has and I am currently using a repair treatment with Keratin in it to try and rectify a little of the damage, but is there anything else I can use? My hair is so so so damaged it is thin and broken off at the sides, elasticity is, WELL, it just stretches and breaks off in my hand. I know I should have it all cut off but that is not an option. Is there any other products I can use?

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
Unfortunately it sounds that cutting off all the dead dry or ruined hair has to be an option because no treatment will resolve this problem it has gone beyond repair so opt for a shorter style in the meantime.

Jenn asks:
I have had my hairstylist colour my hair a dark chocolate brown, while waiting for the various shades of red that I coloured it before to grow it. Now I want to do some gradual lightening to a medium chocolate - should I have it high/low lighted or something else entirely? My hair is moderately dry from years of being coloured at the salon.

Jason KearnsAnswered By:
Jason Kearns
Remember your hair can only take so much, go in and have your stylist do a few test strands and see and feel how they are and then take it from there.

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