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Jena asks:
I want a rose gold & blonde balayage with brown roots. My hair is a faded teal havenít coloured in 3mnths. I have a 7lift bleach & ferias smoky pink. Iím just unsure how. Do I bleach all my hair except roots & balayage the pink in & leave blonde as is then purple shampoo whole head?

Antony LicataAnswered By:
Antony Licata
This sounds like a big job to tackle yourself at home, especially if you currently have faded teal colour on the hair, it could cause all sorts of issues. Seeing a professional would ensure a god finish. If your finances canít stretch to seeing a qualified colourist, why not look into seeing a trainee as a model? Most good salons offer this, youíll always be supervised and never normally pay more than product cost.

Lisa asks:
Iím 35 going grey at a steady rate I have dark brown hair I thought it would be better to go lighter to disguise the growth of grey as its usually round my ears and temple. i have used the same hairdresser for over a year. Yesterday my hair was coloured with an all over tint as usual and some foil highlights. it looks awful and there are still greys at the root, when you lift up my hair there is an obvious orange coulour where the grey root is then it goes into a different colour then the brown. i asked about the greys not covering and i was told no colour is 100% so Iím at a loss whether to go to a salon. i donít want to hurt my regular hairdressers feelings but it really is awful and surely she would have realised it too. please help :(

Colin GreaneyAnswered By:
Colin Greaney
if you really are unhappy with the result you should return to the hairdresser you saw. I know I for one would rather an unhappy client come to me rather than go elsewhere. Calmly point out what you donít like about the colour and she should be willing to resolve it free of charge.

Rebecca asks:
Hi I have short hair naturally medium brown which is coloured dark red, Iíve been trying to get it bright red by going to various hairdressers but still get no luck, Iím reluctant to use bleach because I have scalp psoriasis but will consider a bleach bath as a last resort, I am also concerned about damaging my hair because itís taken me so long to get it healthy after bleaching for years which is why I cut it short, I would like to grow it again once Iím happy with the colour, Iím wondering if using a colour remover then a high peroxide colour such as lorieal majirough would be the best way of going about this? I would most likely get a hairdresser to do this for me just in case, but they did say they they wouldnít use majirough all over because itís only meant for highlights even though Iíve seen a lot of girls recommending it on the Internet for a full head application, I feel a little hopeless itís the only colour Iíll like and stick with since I canít have blonde hair anymore.

Any advice would be grateful,


Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw

Okay get a bleach bath or colour remover done at the salon , that way it avoids the scalp this should get enough lift to allow you the red you want to achieve.
As long as you have a strict hair regime and treat you hair with respect you wonít compromise the condition and will be able to grow your hair.

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