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sandra swanson asks:

For several months now I have been having problems with my hair.

The minute I put any kind of heat near my hair, mainly at the front and sides, my hair sticks together like glue, this can be while I am blow drying it or straightening it, I canít even get a brush through it. I donít wear much hairspray and have changed my products to LíOreal. I have also bought Vosene shampoo and have been using that for nearly 2 months now but that also doesnít make a difference.

Can you please help?

Deborah ChesterAnswered By:
Deborah Chester
Dear Sandra , it sounds as though your hair is extremely dehydrated and requires moisturising treatments. I suggest you stop using hair straighteners until your hair has recovered. Use a hair dryer on the cool heat and have your hair regularly cut to remove the damaged hair. Unless you have a scalp problem I wouldnít recommend Vosene shampoo. You donít say whether your hair is coloured? A professional shampoo and conditioner with a moisturising mask will benefit the hair .once your hair is dry apply a small amount of argon oil to the ends of the hair to help stop the cuticles locking together .

Beth asks:
I am bored to death of my hair and want a change so I thought red on the top with a brown under layer would be a good look. However, I have used Nice n Easy semi-permanent hair dye a few times but have not achieved the results that I want. Will a hair salon be able to do this for me? Also can you give me an estimate on cost?

Steve RowbottomAnswered By:
Steve Rowbottom
This all depends on your natural hair colour. I would always recommend that you get your hair coloured by an expert; what you are paying for is the colouristís expertise, the knowledge that they are choosing the exact shade to suit your skin tone, and applying it correctly. The results will also last longer. Preparation for colouring your hair is far more important than the application stage, and once youíre booked into a salon, they will do a patch test to ensure your safety and offer a full consultation to discuss your needs, hair type and the results that can be achieved. The starting cost for a Global Colour at one of our Westrow salons is £48, but you can take advantage of one of our offers and save up to 25% Visit for more details.

Jena asks:
I want a rose gold & blonde balayage with brown roots. My hair is a faded teal havenít coloured in 3mnths. I have a 7lift bleach & ferias smoky pink. Iím just unsure how. Do I bleach all my hair except roots & balayage the pink in & leave blonde as is then purple shampoo whole head?

Antony LicataAnswered By:
Antony Licata
This sounds like a big job to tackle yourself at home, especially if you currently have faded teal colour on the hair, it could cause all sorts of issues. Seeing a professional would ensure a god finish. If your finances canít stretch to seeing a qualified colourist, why not look into seeing a trainee as a model? Most good salons offer this, youíll always be supervised and never normally pay more than product cost.

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