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Paula Voytek asks:
had my hair dyed to golden blonde pravana hair colour was used had to bleach first I had dark coloured hair Iím usually 85% grey. the dyed golden blonde looks dull and not a very pretty colour hubby doesnít like it lol anything I can do ?

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Paula Before you do anything drastic try using colour enhancing shampoo or conditioner as these are marvelous at add extra depth, tone and shine. Make sure you leave on for 10 minutes before rinsing, hopefully hubby will like and then when your next at the salon they can colour match. You should have a better result as you shouldnít need to be bleached. Just as an additional note a treatment masque on for 20 minutes with help make the hair more shiny and reflect light too. Good luck

Rosette asks:
I used to have my hair in an ombre fashion (natural blonde down then about 5 cm of loreal 7 and then 3 cm of my natural colour). I wanted to go full blonde (like the part down from the hair) and I had several opinions and hair consultations. They all said that my only solution was to have highlights so in the end I gave in said ok to that in the hope I would get lighter. I was in the salon 3 hours and I came out what seemed to the eye darker and the blonde was nowhere to be seen! I have whiteish highlights for most parts, the front of the hair is darker than the back, The highlights all look different and like little stripes. They even darkened all the other colour out of my hair and itís even a bit darker than the roots. Also from warm tones now they were cold which I absolutely hate. I went home crying and they refused to correct it in the salon as it was what I asked for and I was "lighter". Also, they said Iíd have to pay for any other service. No price cut no nothing.

So I started browsing around again and everyone was horrified by the way the hair turned (also Iíd break down in tears when standing in front of a mirror for hair consultations). One of the salons took a hair sample to see if it would endure another bleaching but they have not got back to me since so I assume that is a no. Another salon said that the only way I can go lighter now and have my hair look decent would be to have another round of highlights with Olplex and cut the damaged ends out. I am really scared to have another set of highlights, but I cannot go on looking like this... I feel like a scarecrow. Not to mention the price I would have to pay to have this fixed.

What would you do? Are there any options? Is there a solution?

Thank you very much.

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw

How awful for you, okay I assume that the salon has bleached your hair due to the fact your hair was coloured all over and the general rule is colour doesnít lift colour. Its really important you get the results of the strand test from the salon to see if your hair is strong enough to be re coloured. The options I think you have are look for a salon that does have an alternative to bleach so systems such as Scruples, Joico and Matrix they have the abilty to lift, lighten and deposit through already coloured hair and work with low level devopers so are kinder to the hair but also have the options of a selection of tones. Try and get your hair into the best possible condition with a good hair care regime at home but it would be a good idea to have an in salon treatment such as Olaplex or one of the other leading brands. You can also request having this repair system incoorperated when you find the salon that will be able to re colour your hair and help you achieve the result you desire. As far as costs I would see if you can have an apprentice be a model at a local salon. Really good luck

Caroline asks:
What does shade 7 dark blonde go dark brown on grey roots . How can I get right I am thinking try shade 8 and maybe get dark blonde? I only do the grey roots 4 weekly. How does it work?

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Caroline it depends how much actual white hair ( hair isnít grey itís a variant of light or dark grey dependant how much of your natural colour you have blended with the white hair - not producing colour pigment anymore ) your hair and the level of developer your mixing the colour with that determines the outcome. My guess is yes you need to use the level 8 dark ash blonde with 20 vol developer and make sure you leave it on the roots per the manufacture instructions. Iím suggesting the dark ash as the hair will be being lifted (lightened) your natural coloured hair (not the white hair) may be brassy due to the underlying natural pigment.

If this doesnít make sense pop along to your local salon for a colour consultation. Good luck

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