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Lucy Cassidy asks:
I have bleached blonde hair and I want to dye it back to brown. I was wondering whether I needed to dye it red first to avoid it turning green, or can I just dye it straight to brown?

Linton and MacAnswered By:
Linton and Mac
It would need to be pre-coloured with the right pigment dependent on the depth of brown you want to achieve. Then it is a simple case of colouring to the desired brown. This can be achieved in one sitting.

Katrina asks:
I have had my hair all colours in the past, but once I had children and settled down it got to a stage where I only trusted a hairdresser. Going from a natural white shade into adulthood, I am now a very dull almost brown shade with string hints of grey and have had either bleach or blonde highlights put in. This has worked for a long time as the regrowth is kind and I can leave it a long time as the roots dont show too bad. However, two months ago I went for a really fantastic shade of red. Hairdresser did permanent colour on the natural roots and a semi on the bleached/coloured blonde. Told me it would fade quite quick due to the semi, but next time I could have permanent all over which would last longer. 4 weeks later my hair was a copper shade instead of deep red, I went back but she still did a perm along with semi on the ends. 4 weeks later I have a lovely shade of red on the roots, but the semi had gone copper again. The whole point of changing from blonde highlights was 1: to be able to colour the roots myself at home, and 2: when I went to hairdressers for it to be shorter visit. I struggled to sit for 3/4 hours for expensive highlights, but the red took the same time (block) and almost the same cost. If I put a permanent on my own roots, and then brush it through, will it ruin it? I just cannot afford a colour at the hairdressers every 4 weeks. I know reds fade quicker, but I may as well go back to my highlights for the time and cost of this lovely red!

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Katrina

I think the reason the hairdresser is using the semi is to prevent extra damage and also if you add developer ( make it permanent) it will fade even more quickly. I would suggest you can either use a red conditioner each time you shampoo to help prevent the fade it will reduce with time, or use the red colour of your choice all over but make sure you use a protein spray a professional brand if possible to ensure even coverage and less chance of damage. ...More >

Hope this is helpful x

Danielle asks:
Hi, I have dark blonde/brown natural hair colour (very thin and fine) which I recently went from my natural roots with blonde balayage to an attempt at ash blonde all over. I went for a scalp bleach and the hairdresser left me with horrible hair which was white orange and ash. I had foils done the next day as an attempt to fix it. How long would you recommend I wait until I get it re-coloured to a medium blonde to fix it?

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw

You can colour over immediately with semi colour which will tone and deposit and give you a nice, soft more natural blonde. Use treatments on a regular basis and then you can use permanent colour on the roots as they grow through but stick to semi on the mid lengths and ends. Colour conditioner will also help control the desired results longevity. ...More >

Good luck

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