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pkeenan asks:
I previously coloured my hair and it was fine except in some parts the blonde was a little on the ginger side, so today I put in light ash hair has turned a green/greyish colour!

Richard WardAnswered By:
Richard Ward
It is really hard to advise you without knowing what your natural base colour is. The fact that the blonde went ginger in the first place suggests to me that you are naturally quite dark. Please do yourself a favour and book yourself into a reputable colourist to get it sorted out. Colouring is a precise science and this is why we always say its best left to the experts!

Shoba Manmadhan asks:
I have been using henna to colour my hair. Now I have more white hair so I would like to try normal hair colours. Is it safe to use those on henna coloured hair? My hair is medium curly and it is falling very badly.

Richard WardAnswered By:
Richard Ward
I really would recommend that you do not attempt to colour your own hair at home as the old henna may affect it. I would suggest that you visit your hairdresser and receive a professional colour the first time, you can then decide if you want to do a home hair colour after that. In fact, some salons do actually sell professional home hair colour kits that they can sell to you for in-between visits. It takes the guessing out of the choice in the high street too.

Kim asks:
I am mixed white and black African race so have shoulder length very tight curly hair. It is fine, in good condition, but not coarse and only coloured once. I usually twist it into sections but it just looks like little springs all over, anything else turns out to be a variation on the Afro. A style I have sported a long time, I would like to have bigger curls, as I am so bored with my not very versatile hair. I have heard of texturizing, but would it be better to get a perm? I am desperate for a change.

Diana DudasAnswered By:
Diana Dudas
You can actually take larger sections to give you bigger twists, or you could have it permed on large rods to soften out your curls. A non-chemical hair relaxer will also relax your curls without permanently making your hair straight.

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