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Claire asks:
About 14 years ago I suffered an allergic reaction to permanent black hair dye (home colourant-Loreal Casting). My face swelled up and I had an itchy rash on my head. About 3 years after this I tried a couple of semi-permanent red tinted home colours and though the first time I was fine, the second time I had the same reaction. Since then I have steered clear of any hair colourant. My fear now is that as I am in my thirties at some point I will start to go grey and at this point I know I will want to colour my hair again. I would not try home colouring and would be quite prepared to go to a salon; I wondered if I were to explain to a salon and have my hair coloured using foils would I be OK? Are there any natural colours that salons use and would foils be enough to keep the colour off my skin?

Pablo AlvarezAnswered By:
Pablo Alvarez
Hair colourant allergy is something really serious that you should not mess with. I would suggest perhaps you have few tests in your local hair salon. These must be done behind the ears, if you experience any type of discomfort to any of these tests you must wash the area affected immediately with soapy water and apply some cows milk to the area, this would restore your pH to the area. If you are allergic you can have the colourants in the form of highlights, however I cannot stress enough the importance that the colourant MUST NEVER touch your scalp and it must be washed very quickly to avoid minimum contact. There are a few companies that produce more friendly colourants in a more natural way but I must tell you that those very rarely have a decolorant property try J.F.lazartigue colourants

I would also recommend you test any products before using.

Annie asks:
I have coloured my once warm dark hair for 30+ years now I am having to retouch grey/white roots almost every 2 weeks. I have asked the hairdresser about and had full head blond highlights as I would like to eventually stop colouring and let the grey shine through but canít bear the idea of 2" grey/white roots and donít want to cut very thick course mid length hair short. Trouble is the highlights are brassy and unnatural looking. I know it can be done as I have seen a similar head of hair coloured by Nicky Clarke to perfection, I just canít afford his prices, why canít your average hairdresser do this. Is their a special trick or what should I ask them for to get it right? Should I have the colour stripped first? Currently 90% grey coloured light red brown

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
My advice would be to book a free consultation with a Wella Master Colour Expert. These colour specialists are highly advanced in all colour techniques and should be able to create the colour you are after.

Julie asks:
I dyed my hair at home for many years to cover the grey and it only lasted a week or so at the side of my head. I have been to the hairdresser to get it dyed the last 3 times but its not lasting any longer at the sides. I would be grateful if you could give me some advice on what to do to make the dye last longer.

Beverly CAnswered By:
Beverly C
If your colour is fading to reveal grey hair then this is possibly because your current colour is not right for you. However, if the grey that you are noticing is appearing at the roots then this is your natural re-growth coming through. Noticing your natural re-growth within 3 weeks of getting your coloured done could mean that the colour you are using is simply too dark, revealing your grey roots quicker as the colour difference is making it more noticeable. A good option would be to incorporate some highlights through the sides or lighten the base tone to reduce the contrast in colour, therefore not showing up your grey tones as quickly. This could give you greater longevity in your colour and give a more balanced look once your natural grey starts appearing.

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