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Ruddy asks:
I have very thin hair and am a female I want to find a new style so I donít have to keep wearing it up as I have hair loss mainly in the front and top of the crown - could I have a fringe of will that make me look too bald - any ideas welcomed I am so desperate to have a hairstyle which is down so I donít look like a child but an adult and doesnít make people stare at my head or lack of hair all day The first step is to find out why you have hair loss and thin hair as it may be caused by a medical condition. Make an appointment to see a qualified Trichologist - they specialise in problems of the hair and scalp, or your doctor.

Dawn CooperAnswered By:
Dawn Cooper
Once you have been given the all clear get your hair professionally styled. A fringe is a great idea as they can turn a pony tail or hair up into an on-trend, sharp style. Do not attempt to grow your hair for extra length as this will make hair loss more noticeable.

Try Racoon Internationalís hair extensions to give your thin hair extra body and volume. They are gentle on your hair and their range of shampoos and conditioners are lovely too.

Rosie asks:
I have used Henna and Indigo as a hair dye and now have black hair! I was originally platinum blonde, I loved the colour but ALL of my body left. I had great waves and I was left with pin straight hair. It also makes me look like I am balding when my blondes grow in against the black dye. I have used EVERY keyword imaginable to search for a removal method and can only find lightening if you are so lucky to get even that! I did read one exception where a womanís wizard of a hairdresser used a fruit extract hair colour stripper. He applied it 1x a month for 3 months until she was platinum blonde again. I am praying this will work and was hoping you could give me some info on where to find them or brands that I can refer to my hairdresser. I have tried EVERY other hair stripper including tide laundry soap, 30 and 40 cream developer, colorzap, coloroops. All I got was a slight lift to a burgundy red. I only tested on a 1/2 inch section of underneath hair and would greatly appreciate any advice. I want my blonde back! I screwed up and it is the longest it has ever been and I just canít cut it!

Jason KearnsAnswered By:
Jason Kearns
Well I am surprised you have any hair on your head with all that you have done to it. The best advice I can give would be for you to stop messing around with the colour and go to a qualified colourist to assess your hair condition, then let them try to correct it. An expert may be able to save the day Ė good luck.

Maria asks:
I have coloured hair with only a few slices of blonde in, and want to chemically straighten my hair with Indola silk straightening system as it is very frizzy and I have to constantly straighten it, would you recommend this as a cure which will also spend less time using heating appliances.

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
Frizzy hair can be a real nightmare, especially with our typical British weather! As your hair is coloured already I would try to avoid any more chemical treatment if you can, as you can loose shine and body. Instead try products which help to straighten out kinks and frizz from the first stage Lee Stafford Poker Straight Shampoo contains ingredients to help tame kinks, gently cleanse and soften but protect from harsh heat damage. Lee Stafford Poker Straight Conditioner with P2Fifty leaves hair super straight and glossy. Follow with Lee Stafford P2Fifty Professional Straightening iron protection mist which protects your hair from the damage that straighteners can do - meaning that your hair is straighter and sleeker with less heat and effort!

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