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Charlotte asks:
I am 13 years old I have long fine hair and want a change and was thinking about going curly I have never had anything done to my hair other than having it trimmed should I have a perm?

Damien CarneyAnswered By:
Damien Carney
I think 13 is a little young to consider having a perm. That said. A soft perm can add body and life to fine limp hair. With today’s technology and techniques it is easy to achieve a natural looking perm to most hair textures and lengths. Keep in mind to get the most of your perm, you need to keep the hair conditioned, trimmed and avoid excess heat this will maintain the life of the perm and keep the hair in tiptop condition.

Char asks:
I have wore my hair up in a ponytail for years now and my hair is starting to go much thinner at the front and it is starting to make me look like I have bald patches because of where I wear it up so tight so what should I do to get my hair to grow back thicker there? People have said to wear my hair down but I do not want to because I like it up so should I just wear it looser or something?

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
Always refrain from tying your hair back so harshly, (especially when wet) as this causes damage to hair follicles around the hairline. If you only feel comfortable with your hair back, try changing the way you tie it. This way you are not constantly damaging the same hairs which will lead to breakage. Another tip is using a head band as this will cause less tension to your hair. You need to put the condition back into your hair, try using Hot Shots Volume Detox (RRP £6.99) this treatment shampoo in a shot is specially formulated to encourage circulation around the hair follicle to increase uptake of the nutrients and to boost hair body, volume and texture. A side sweeping fringe will give the appearance of thicker hair and a change of parting will disguise the look of any bald patches. I would strongly recommend a restyle, as if your hair was easier to manage you may not be so tempted to tie it back this will also make your hair around the hairline stronger whist encouraging new growth. However if you insist in having your hair tied back a great new way of doing so is to create a messy knot. This is a softer style so your hair is not so severely pulled back and will be less damaging.
• Take the top section of hair (half up) and fix into place with a snag free band
• Take small sections of the hair underneath and loosely pin around the existing ponytail
• This creates a messy pinned in pony that is edgy and glam.

Amy asks:
All my life I have had coarse frizzy hair that I would brush straight despite its natural wave. Last year I got a body wave done that brings out some curls to it and I love it. Right now however I am interviewing for jobs and trying to get my long curly hair into a professional look. Any advice for keeping the length but still looking professional?

Andrew JoseAnswered By:
Andrew Jose
If your hair is wavy you need to manipulate the curls so they fall into loose curls rather than frizzy ones! I would suggest washing your hair with a curl defining shampoo and conditioner such as JLife Catch A Wave ...More >

After washing pat hair to get rid of excess water and use a serum based product for curls on the damp hair try. This will take the frizz out of your hair and help to define curls.

Then section hair and using your finger manipulate spirals, use a diffuser on your hairdryer to dry hair. You do not need to dry it completely! If you keep twisting your hair around your fingers it will guide the hair into nice loose spirally curls and after a few times of doing this it will be easier. This should give you as really nice look and is also a good look at the moment!

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