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Hannah asks:
I coloured my hair last night to dark brown from caramel highlights. When I first got caramel highlights my hair was a faded dark brown having previously coloured it about 4 months before. Will I have to wait until my hair is faded until I can get caramel highlights again as I really do not like the colour my hair has gone.

Jason JohnsonAnswered By:
Jason Johnson
We would never recommend anyone to colour their own hair because it really is a lottery as to the result you achieve. Lots of people think it is like painting a wall and you simply paint on and that is the colour you get. Because everybody has different tones in their hair this then depends on the result you get. I would advise you to go to a professional salon and have a consultation to see what can be achieved; we would always do a strand test at this point to check what sort of colour can be achieved and also the strength of your hair and how it will work with colour. The reason we do this is because some home colours are really intense and very difficult to lift or colour over. Having said that we can always improve any colour. Why not visit a salon, have a consultation and then take it from there.

Hayley Lewis, Bramhall

Linda asks:
I have shoulder length hair my problem is the back of my hair is short and it is broken I use to get my hair pressed but I have since got a perm but my hair have not grown when I wear a pony tail my hair sticks out like a sore thumb, I would like to know what you would suggest that I use? I also would like to know about thinning temples on the side of the head. What can be used for that? And also what is the best shampoo and conditioner to use for African American hair?

Diane ShawAnswered By:
Diane Shaw
It seems to me that your hair has come under a lot of stress lately and the hair follicles have not had time to heal or rejuvenate. In this instance I would suggest you make an appointment to see a Trichologist. They might be able to examine your scalp and give you something to help stimulate new stronger hair growth. It would also be worth looking at your diet and taking some supplements which target the cells that generate healthy hair and nail growth such as Zinc and the vitamins B complex. Emotionally stressing about your hair can also continue the cycle of hair thinning or loss. Generally I have found that if a clients hair looks and feels good, this has an impact on their self esteem. I would recommend a hair enhancement procedure called hook and latch. This system does not use any bonds or threads and can help add body to your hair. There are not many consultants trained to offer this technique, you could visit our website to preview our consultants who have done the 12 module hair extension techniques. They can offer this technique. In the mean time I hope your hair starts to improve.

Lynn asks:
I have fine past the shoulders (long hair) it is layered with bangs and it is fly-away. I have tried spraying my brush, using a spray conditioner and a regular conditioner, but to no avail. The conditioner weighs my hair down and I cannot get any body or fullness. It ends up looking like a wet poodle that used a straightening iron. I am a professional and I need help. I also want my hair to look thick and full. After everything, my hair is still fly away. I also have coloured or higlighted hair. Please help with an answer.

Diane ShawAnswered By:
Diane Shaw
Even poodles get groomed from time to time and often end up displaying a lovely and sometime visually challenging style. Everyones hair can be managed it is just a case of finding out which products, method and daily care programme you need to apply each day or week to end up with the manicured look you want. Hair extensions can help if they are applied as hair enhancement to help add volume and texture to your own head of hair. It is very important to select the right type of extension method, one that will not damage your hair at the root especially on removal. It does not help to use too many different products or too many products at once, they may clash with each other and contribute to some of the problems you have described. Find a brand and use the items your need from that brand. If your hair is dry use a moisturising product, if your hair is greasy then use a product that will help this situation. We have consultants around the country, if you would like to discuss a hair enhancement program, please send us an email and we will direct you to the nearest consultant.

Finally, with the right help, you will achieve your overall objective.

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