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Elaine asks:
I have just past shoulder length hair but it is very fine. I am a police officer so wear a hat a lot! This makes my hair go as flat as a pancake so I have grown it so I can put it in a ponytail, it does mean when I take my hat off it still looks ok, but as its so fine it just looks a little straggly when down, any suggestions as to how I could have it cut into a shape and still put it up?

Akin KoniziAnswered By:
Akin Konizi
Having layers incorporated into a hairstyle is a great way to create shape, body and movement in lifeless locks. Ask your stylist to cut internal shorter panels into your hair to enhance volume and build style. Ensure your hairdresser maintains weight at the ends to give the illusion of thickness, helping you to achieve a wearable style after a long day at work.

Sue asks:
I have very straight shoulder length hair. I wash and blow dry it approximately every three days. The problem I am having at the moment, and have had in the past, is that my hair is very static/ flyaway. Every time I brush it drives me mad as it just starts becoming flyaway and it feels uncomfortable. I did buy a spray but this did not seem to make much difference. What do you advice?

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
Styling hair is about products. The best advice would be to invest in some professional products designed to control frizz for example Alterna Hemp Seed Thickening Compound. This will give you volume, body and control, all helping to eliminate that flyaway look. Additionally, changing your haircut to something more structured, for example a bob, will help to make your hair look stronger and thicker, once again reducing the static.

Natalie asks:
I have recently had my waist length hair cut so it rests on my collar bone with layers throughout. I was hoping for a trendy new me however I have found it very difficult to manage as it kinks out even after straightening. Getting frustrated and bored I had a fringe cut in and then some feathering around my face. Still it just does not seem right or trendy I never seem to quite get the style I am trying to achieve even if I provide the hairdresser with a picture. Please help. I have fine, straight brown hair but lots of it with a square face shape.

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
Do not worry about whether your cut is on trend, just think about what suits you and your lifestyle best. The reason you look different to the stars in your pictures is because you have a different face shape, hair type and skin tone to them. Before making any dramatic changes have a consultation so you can discuss what you are looking for and how to recreate it at home. With your angular features I suggest a sweeping fringe. This will add softness and give your feathering a modern twist. To add volume and a bit of Hollywood glamour attach a diffuser to your hairdryer and grab a tube of my Babe Wave Styling Crème. By working this through your layers you will add body to your fine hair and leave the trend followers begging for some of your timeless style.

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