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Catherine asks:
I have curly and frizzy hair and was told after washing to apply conditioner to my hair and leave it to dry naturally. I did this and it is still rather frizzy any ideas? Also I want a decent style but cannot find any as my hair is curly and shoulder length. Do you have any ideas on a style? My face shape is pretty oval but I have a jaw and cheekbones which really stand out. Can you think of any style that would suit me?

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
Curly hair is naturally quite dry, which in turn can cause frizz. To tame your tresses you need a moisture injection, which would ideally come from an intensive conditioning treatment like my Poker Straight Intensive Treatment. If you still find your hair getting frizzy then try applying a serum to towel-dryed hair for added smoothness and shine. My Shine Head Balm will keep your tresses in shape and keep flyaway under control to fight the dreaded frizz! As for styling, choppy layers (and plenty of them!) are a perfect way to add body and texture to curly locks, without having to lose too much of the overall length

Shiny asks:
I have wavy hair up to the neck level, I cut my hair with 2 layers, only at the back usually. My hair is so thick, now I would like to cut shorter layers at the front. But I wonder if my hair will become so puffy and frizzy. What hair cut should I do?

Richard WardAnswered By:
Richard Ward
Layers are best left to the professionals as they can really transform a style. Layers are like an optical illusion and are a fantastic way to give hair instant body and volume. They are really versatile and can be used to varying effect, so in order to gain dramatic volume cut the layers shorter around the crown or for a more graduated and subtly volume lift go for longer layers. Just remember that the front of the hair is more noticeable so if you cut it wrong, it is harder to hide!

P McCarron asks:
Hairstyle suitable for really fine hair?

Richard WardAnswered By:
Richard Ward
Ask your hairdresser for a chunky style - jaw/mid length is best as growing it longer can make it look spindly. Think Kirsten Dunst her fine hair always looks perfect. Or, you can go down the fake root with Racoon hair extensions as these are a great way to get an instant thickness boost - a few carefully placed partial extensions around the crown area will give the impression of extra volume. Plus, fine hair can really benefit from colouring as the colour molecule sits inside the cortex (hair shaft) and swells it so that colouring can make fine hair feel much bulkier. You may also like to consider restructuring the hair. Itss not actually a perm with curls but more of a wave and body effect. Your hair is set on very large rollers to give some bounce to your hair.

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