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Lee asks:
Hi Darren. Iíve read your profile and to be honest I think your the best guy to ask. Iím a 21yo male who seriously needs help with my hair. Its been the same for years and its got to the point Iím annoyed and even embarrassed to leave the house. My hairdresser canít help as he simply says íits up to youí, yet I havenít a clue what to tell him as k donít know what to do. Iíve provided that link at the top of this message to pictures of my hair. What do you think is the best style and would you have any pictures you could maybe send of popular people with similar styles.. Your help would be greatly appreciated. (No seriously, it would) Thanks, Lee.

Darren AmbroseAnswered By:
Darren Ambrose
Youíve got a good thick head of hair so youíve got plenty of options. Your hair thickness and quality is very workable! You need to talk to somebody who can give you options within your consultations and make the changes Ė it may be that you need to grow it prior to this so youíve got more length to work on as this will give greater options too. Find a salon thatís expert with menís hair and they can show you pictures as you discuss your options.

Chelsey asks:
I have long naturally curly hair but my ends are fried and dead and with it being so long it doesnít really curl so I want to cut off the dead ends and get a fresh start. What would you recommend getting done to make my hair full of life and curl?

Tony MaleedyAnswered By:
Tony Maleedy
Chelsey. The question is why are the ends of your hair "fried"? If you use hair straighteners that can easily do it, as can any other form of heat so try to avoid it if you can. ...More >

I would start your hair improvement by having the damaged ends cut off. If you use heat on your hair use a good heat-protection spray, that can help greatly. Also use a good quality conditioner every time you wash your hair and a treatment reconditioning cream once a week or two. As the condition of your hair improve you will notice having more body and bounce.

Tony Maleedy
Consultant trichologist

Sandra asks:
I am 43 and have really gray hair. I have had it coloured by a hairdresser for the last six years back to my natural dark brown colour. My hairdresser uses Redken hair products. Six weeks ago, about 6 hours after the colour my head was burning, this resulted in some hair loss and a rash covering my whole body. This has cleared up but after several skin tests I react. I am now going really grey! Please help?

Beverly CAnswered By:
Beverly C
Sorry to hear of your problem. This is a tricky one, you are obviously allergic to one of the main ingredients in a full colour. This can be quite dangerous if your allergy is extreme. First of all - Do not attempt to use any colouring product yourself from the major chemist chains or shops - most of them will contain the ingredient you are allergic to. I suggest you have many skin tests with other manufacturerís colours such as Goldwell Top Chic and Colourance - Wella Koleston or Colour Touch or Schwarzkopf or Aveda colour. ...More >

Redken is an American product and are usually very strong in chemicals. The ones I have suggested are European and far more gentle on the hair and scalp. If this fails - you only have one other choice - Vegetable Colours such as Henna. Henna does come in several shades and works well on most grey hair.

On another note your allergy may well disappear in the same way it suddenly started.

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