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Sama asks:
Iím about to get married and Iím asking you to help me find the perfect hair style for my wedding. I have a small oval face, big eyes, long nose, not big not small mouth, my chin and forehead have no distinctive marks " I canít tell what they look like!" anyway everybody sees me notices my small oval long face and my long nose. Can you please help me... thanks.

Charlotte MurrayAnswered By:
Charlotte Murray
Sounds like something soft and gentle around your face would be lovely- nothing too scrapped back. Difficult to comment without seeing you but have some trials with your stylist, show them the vibe of your dress and I am sure they will design something lovely just for you.

Alison asks:
I have always had long, thick hair but in the last few years due to illness and medication I have only half the hair I had. Despite using thickening products it is now starting to look noticeably thin. I would like some ideas of styles to make it look thicker. I am 39, have a round face and thanks to the medication (steroids) I am slightly overweight. The good news is Iíll be off the steroids and on something else which wonít make me lose my hair and put weight on shortly, so hopefully my hair will grow back. Currently, my hair is about 6 inches below my shoulder with some long layers. I have a semi permanent dye a few shades darker and warmer than my natural colour.

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
The best way to make your hair look and feel thicker would be to go for more of a just above the shoulders bob style, with just a few long layers in. The bob style will definitely give you the effect of thicker hair, while the long layers will help you achieve some body and volume.

Carl asks:
I am one of those that hate to get my hair cut regularly and avoid it as much as possible, I know and read that people say that if you cut your hair regularly avoid heat and products then it will be amazing but I am a guy that likes to grow my hair and have it quite long (For a guy) and want a full and thick look- currently I think my hairs not in the greatest shape although when I wash it daily I am currently using Tresemme 24hr body because it apparently helps build volume. I feel it is quite thin though specially the fringe I notice that when I do go to hairdressers my fringe ends up being less than it was regarding coverage - I cannot seem to get a fuller fringe anymore where as when I first started growing my hair this length I could pretty much cover the full forehead with it then after I decided to go to a proper hair stylist to style it (as it wasnít really styled after it grew a lot more) I just seemed to start getting less of a fringe and now its no where near to fully covering my forehead.

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
As time goes on our body changes as does our hair. It maybe the case it becomes thinner, greasier, fuller, thicker or dry and frizzy. This needs to be accepted in how we grow and change. As for your fringe problem if itís possible ask your stylist for a fuller heavier fringe this should become thicker and fuller. A good hair cut leaving you with a style (not a trim) should help

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