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Chelsey asks:
I have long naturally curly hair but my ends are fried and dead and with it being so long it doesnít really curl so I want to cut off the dead ends and get a fresh start. What would you recommend getting done to make my hair full of life and curl?

Tony MaleedyAnswered By:
Tony Maleedy
Chelsey. The question is why are the ends of your hair "fried"? If you use hair straighteners that can easily do it, as can any other form of heat so try to avoid it if you can. ...More >

I would start your hair improvement by having the damaged ends cut off. If you use heat on your hair use a good heat-protection spray, that can help greatly. Also use a good quality conditioner every time you wash your hair and a treatment reconditioning cream once a week or two. As the condition of your hair improve you will notice having more body and bounce.

Tony Maleedy
Consultant trichologist

Milan asks:
Hello my name is Milan and I need personal professional help. Iím from the Caribbean and Iím always compared to a model. Everyone says I have the face& body! In the link youíll see some pictures of my face & body. I have strong cheekbones in person & Iím very skinny. So I need your help with the perfect color & hair length to match my face and body. I was thinking something dark (want a natural look) with maybe some blonde highlights. But your the expert here! If you have a picture of the hairstyle with the details that would be great! Thanks!

Karine JacksonAnswered By:
Karine Jackson
Myself and Karine Jackson both agree that the image attached should be your inspiration. Itís a cool new technique weíre working on in the salon called Melange (a newer version of ombre) which blends shades together for a smudged and on-trend effect. We think the cut would look amazing on you and would really showcase your cheekbones and the styling would definitely make you stand out.

Ashling asks:
Went for a trial with the hairdresser for wedding and she put some short layers in the front of my hair to suit the particular style we were trying out. Hated the style and now I have short layers at the front of my hair. I have long enough hair but I am worried now my choice will be limited regards upstyles with the front of my hair having short layers. I have a very high forehead and thought by letting pieces of hair down it would take from this. The wedding is 10 weeks away. Please give me advise I am so upset but donít want to go back to my stylist if it will be fine. As she is really nice and was only following the picture I showed her. I just didnít realise that the picture had layers at the front. A very upset and worried bride would be delighted to hear from somebody.

Charlotte MurrayAnswered By:
Charlotte Murray
Donít panic. Your hairdresser sounds nice so maybe talk to her about getting some temporary hair extensions for the front of your hair. Do some research on styles, put them on a file and see if it realistically they can be achieved. Keep an open mind and all will be fine. Enjoy your day

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