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Emma Barlow asks:
Hi When I dye my hair, either at home or in a salon, random bits dissolve at the scalp and nobody seems to know why. My hair is in relatively good condition. My scalp is somewhat dry though, lots of tiny flakes (not dandruff). No matter what I try I cannot get this dryness under control. Could this possibly be causing the hair to dissolve in random places whenever I dye it? Thank you in advance

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw

I am afraid I canít shed any light regarding the dissolving colour, but I suggest that perhaps you need more moisture on your scalp. Massage some almond or coconut oil, just a teaspoon into your scalp before bed and sleep on an old pillow case. Shampoo 3 times and rinse really thoroughly before conditioning. I would do this once per week for a month as well as take a fish oil supplement. It may take 6 weeks but I am sure you will see improvement in the dry flakes. As far as the colour is concerned I suggest you ask the stylist to re apply it to the areas that look like they are dissolving throughout the processing time this should mean it actually deposits and you get a more uniform colour result. ...More >

Good luck

Sue Palmer asks:
Iím 57 and have short hair ,my hair is really soft and has no body at all and Iím really finding it hard to style .even if I have high lights it is still so soft and lifeless. please can you help me !

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hello Sue

I would suggest that you use a protein shampoo, and a spray leave in conditioner as that way you arenít adding to much moisture to your hair and making it even softer. Using dry shampoo after you have blow-dried your hair is also a good way to make hair have a bit more body and texture. You spray a little bit into the root area of dry hair and as itís a clay or chalk base it absorbs moisture from the scalp and supports the roots a little like hair spray. ...More >

I really like the results of Joico, Redken and Nioxin as protein, body building shampooís. Please feel free to come back to me with any further questions, good luck

Stacey asks:
I used to home dye my hair a very light blonde so that it was almost white, I then coloured it a medium blonde just to ítone it downí. I did this for several years and once I had my baby, I found the upkeep of retouching my roots every fortnight too high maintenance on top of running around after a small child.

So I then coloured my hair a dark brown and that was that. 8 months after colouring hair dark, itís all washed out and it had changed into a copper colour along with about 2 inches of my natural dark hair which had came through at the roots. My hair was in fairly good condition and I made the decision that I fancied going baylage cos I missed being blonde but wanted a more natural look and less maintenance.

Chose a top salon which is popular and I described how I wanted it. She put a black hair dye on the roots of my hair, left it for a while then put blonde on the rest of my hair with foils. I was slightly confused at this as I thought baylage was íhand paintedí and didnít use foils. Kept quiet cos I thought well she knows what sheís doing. Once washed off, it basically looked the same as it did before except my roots were darker and the copper bits were blonder. I paid the £70 and left. They uploaded pics of my hair onto social media calling it a íshadowed rootí so Iím confused why they did this and not what I asked for? They do do baylage in their salon as Iíve seen photos of other girls getting their hair coloured the way I want it. I feel a bit disappointed that Iíve paid £70 for it to look the same, nobody has noticed it and I feel I look more dark haired than I do blonde

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Stacey

If I was you I would go back with a screen shot of the posted the salon used for social media saying that you are disappointed and confused and you would like it re done free of charge with the balayage technique. I would suggest that as they didnít ask your permission to use the image and its wasnít what you wanted done it seems the fair thing to do. Iím sure the salon will look after you, we all want happy clients you are our biggest adverts after all. ...More >

Good luck,

Kala x

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