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Syed Zabeeuddin asks:
Hi, Iím 21 and Iíve been facing hair loss problem from 3 months. I have tried consulting doctors but didnít find any solution and they advised me not to use shampoo but nothing is working Iím really worried. Please suggest to me a better solution and is biotin good for hair?

Anabel KingsleyAnswered By:
Anabel Kingsley
One product alone will not combat reduced hair volume or hair loss. It must be addressed holistically. You should give your hair internal support through diet and relevant nutritional supplements, add immediate body and moisture with a thickening, protective protein spray, and optimize the condition of your scalp with stimulating, anti-androgenic scalp drops. We make a 3-step holistic regime called Trichotherapy that addresses hair volume worries from each of these angles, Tricho Complex contains hair essential iron, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, Biotin and Vitamin D.

Prad asks:
Hi Team, Anybody please help! I trust you all. I am so frustrated thinking about my hairs. Sorry to start this way. But I am really direction less as to I should go for colour treatment for my grey hairs or not. People say colour is not good for hairs. I actually have destroyed my hairs 3 yrs back by using a low grade hair colour. I have been doing henna since last 3 yrs. But canít take it anymore. I want to carry naturally looking hairs but I am under terror of color. As I really had not much grey hairs but post usage of that low grade color for a 2 yrs, the greying is triggered. I am an outgoing person but you wont believe that I keep hiding myself from my friends and my passion -trekking & travelling because of grey hairs. Itís such a depressing feeling. Feels like life is going to end like this i.e. Killing your wishes & Hiding from people. Some say go for colour. Some say no go for mehendi. I have lost confidence because of my hair status these days. I have just crossed 30 but I look way older only because of my hairs. I am from India. Hope you could share your knowledge to make my life happy. Could you please take out some time and help & guide me please please.....? Its like a nightmare I am living everyday. Please help. Thanks so much in advance! Kindly help! Thanks

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Prad

I am so sorry to read in your email how unhappy your hair is making you. I would like to recommend that you use a semi permanent hair colour system in perhaps a dark or medium brown. This must be applied to dry hair as it will tone and blend as well as last longer on the grey hairs and look very natural. You will need to use the colour about every 6 weeks, but it is very condition, ind and gentle so you must not worry that it will do damage. ...More >

I would also suggest that you have a few inches cut for your hair to rid of the henna and give you a confidence boost. With your new cut and colour you must have the courage to see your friends, trek and walk. Enjoy your life and good luck x

Jenny asks:
Since my early 20ís (20 years ago) my hair has got thinner and frizzier. Its shoulder length. Each morning I wake up with ridiculous bed head - greasy, stinking up, cannot be styled in anyway; so I end up washing, blowing and straightening every day which is not good for the hair and a lot of time! Its so bad it is embarrassing with guests staying so I end up getting up earlier to shower etc. I long for the day to just as least be able to get up and not have to shower before going to the gym! What can I do?

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Poor you, the list I can suggest is a bit of an endless one but here are a few things to try: - Brush your hair before going to bed and apply dry shampoo at the root area, this will tame the hair and reduce oil before bed - Have a cotton pillow case as silk ones encourage moisture - Change your shampoo to a protein based one that is clear and use a spray leave in conditioner, this will mean your hair gets less greasy - Try sleeping in soft rollers as they are very comfy and will tame the frizz as well as give you body, still do all of the above - Check your diet is protein rich and I suggest taking a supplement Its all about maximising your hair potential, we can change it but can make the best of it. It will take a couple of months to notice a real difference but you will. Good luck

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