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Brittney asks:
I have wanted to get my hair cut for a long time but do not really know what will work for my hair. I have thick hair with some body. I got it cut a while back and it has just stared to grow back out. It looks really bad now. It has a few layers at the bottom and is almost shoulder length. I want a short hair cut that is extremely easy to style. I do not like old or really curly hair styles.

Jason JohnsonAnswered By:
Jason Johnson
texture. I also speak about your lifestyle and how much time you wish to spend on your hair. This gives me an idea of what will suit you and how you can manage it and get the best look from your hair. I would advise you to book in a consultation with a professional salon, we do not charge for this service and I do not know of any salons that do! The stylist will then have a thorough consultation with you and give you some ideas of what will work great for you! I would love to do it for you as restyles always get my creative juices working!

Jen Page, Didsbury

Judie asks:
I have had wonderful hair that has responded to Dove shampoo and conditioner. But am now going through post menopause and all of a sudden my hair is greasier after I wash it and seems to be getting worse. I am also on thyroid hormones and recently had levels checked and the numbers are good.

Tony MaleedyAnswered By:
Tony Maleedy
Menopause, as you will know, Judie, brings major changes to a womans body. Oestrogen, the main female hormone decreases allowing androgens, male hormones which all women naturally have in their bodies, to become slightly more influential. One of the effects of androgens is to stimulate the activity of the oil producing glands in the skin, this is probably why you are noticing your hair becoming a little more oily. This may well settle down naturally after a time, but in the meantime do wash your hair regularly, this can only do it good. Also make sure that your diet is well balanced and your general healthy is good and you are getting enough exercise, all these will be good for your hair and your body generally.

Carol asks:
Since losing the use of my right arm through cancer I find it very difficult to style my hair I used to tong or hot brush it to give it height and body but can no longer do that. I now have a cupboard full of styling products that I have tried but find do not work. I cannot use gel or wax as I cannot apply it properly so I found a brilliant spray called ONCE that you sprayed on wet hair then I styled it with my fingers then dried it then sprayed again. This product as now been discontinued so I am back to square one even the products my hairdresser recommends do not do the same.

Trevor SorbieAnswered By:
Trevor Sorbie
Use a pre style spray -- you will find lots in Boots-- which will work as it would not clog the hair at roots, and it is good on dry hair too. The more you spray the more texture and guts it will give you hair. This is easy to apply and you should be able to manage as most come in spray bottles.

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