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Laura asks:
I have very fine, fly away, frizzy hair. Unfortunately I have a lot of it which leads to a very thick head of hair which is extremely curly. My hair straightens well with a bit of time and effort and I have always been able to manage it. A major requirement when I go to the salon is to have it thinned, just to take the weight out of it. However after my last visit I have noticed that I now have very short wispy hairs all through my hair along the hair lines which is I know due to the hairdresser taking the thinning scissors to close to my root, after I find and destroy her how do I fix my hair?

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
Unfortunately there is no quick fix as far as the short wispy hair that has been caused by the thinning scissors.

What I can recommend is the Keratain Complex Treatment, this will help tame your hair and reduce drying and styling time for you and make life a lot easier. ...More >

I would strongly suggest booking a free consultation at a salon that offers this service to get more details.

Hope this helps

Alison asks:
I have always had long, thick hair but in the last few years due to illness and medication I have only half the hair I had. Despite using thickening products it is now starting to look noticeably thin. I would like some ideas of styles to make it look thicker. I am 39, have a round face and thanks to the medication (steroids) I am slightly overweight. The good news is Iíll be off the steroids and on something else which wonít make me lose my hair and put weight on shortly, so hopefully my hair will grow back. Currently, my hair is about 6 inches below my shoulder with some long layers. I have a semi permanent dye a few shades darker and warmer than my natural colour.

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
The best way to make your hair look and feel thicker would be to go for more of a just above the shoulders bob style, with just a few long layers in. The bob style will definitely give you the effect of thicker hair, while the long layers will help you achieve some body and volume.

Jasmine asks:
I have thick, African American hair thatís about midway down my chest in length. Itís mostly curly and has a little bit of heat damage from using a straightening iron about every other day. I was looking into getting my hair thinned so it would be easier to straighten and wear curly. Would you recommend this for my hair type?

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Be very careful.

You do not want "thinning shears" used on your hair as this will make it look frizzy. ...More >

Have it lightly skimmed with a razor for a very soft effect.

You could also try the Carbonite Pro carbon rod for soft curls that will make your hair like silk.

Look them up on you tube and you will see what happens.

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