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Claire asks:
My hair is dark thick and curly with a good layered cut (my shortest layers are shoulder length and my longest to about my mid back when straight). Although my haircut is great and looks fabulous when I leave the hairdressers or when it is just washed, a few hours later or the next morning its frizzy and messy despite me avoiding touching it or twirling it! How can I keep my curls defined without using gel or hairspray? When I have my hair cut my hairdresser twirls large sections at the end and slices into them thinning them out. Is this making my hair more messy?

Trevor SorbieAnswered By:
Trevor Sorbie
Probably, thinning makes ends really light and fluffy, the ends need to be really blunt, ask your hairdresser to cut layers clean and technically, then chop out desired weight nearer the roots, technically also, this will break the curl thickness which will help keep curls separated. Try using a pre-style spray, serum or curl cream.

Ella asks:
I have an incredibly thick head of hair, and it is coarse in texture. I would like it cut as a bob, have tried several hairdressers, but they all cut my hair the same length from the inside to the outside of my head and it looks like the end of a broom once it has dried. Is there a style where if it was cut fractionally shorter on the inside, and slightly longer on the outside, it would sit flatter against my head rather than stick out an inch and a half, my hair is straight, and thick.

Trevor SorbieAnswered By:
Trevor Sorbie
What you need to ask for is for your hair to be undercut, which will take the bulk away from underneath. Book the best salon in your area and explain this is what you would like. Alternatively, you could have some graduated layers in the bob to give a better shape, then ask the hairdresser to go through the hair just at root area all over with thinning scissors. This means you maintain the bob shape but the hair should like flatter and smoother.

Ally asks:
I have really thick hair just below my shoulders. A while ago I had it thinned and it made it frizzy and I preferred it the way it was. Can you suggest anything I can do to thin my hair out without it frizzing?

Pablo AlvarezAnswered By:
Pablo Alvarez
You can try few things, one would be to ''chop it'' into this would cut it in a more un-even way which would prevented from frizzing, try to avoid thinning scissors or razors as they could make the problem worst as thinning up ends would make the hair unprotected un with tendency of become ''fluffier'' with humidity. Try all ways right shampoo and conditioner (J.F. Lazartigue moisturazing range) and also a good styling aid as J.F.Lazartigue straightening gel even if your hair could be straight it would help to keep humidity away from your hair and of course for now do not forget your straightening irons.

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