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Claire asks:
I have extremely thick hair and it is naturally curly, although with straightening irons, I can get my hair to go straight. The problem I have is I am soon going back to work after having my son and I need a new style, but have no idea what to go for. I once went really short and it was terrible and grew out instead of down and was horrendous. I am back to work soon and want a style that is easy to manage as I am tired of scraping it up in a bun and want to keep it down, but cannot spend two hours each day straightening it. I am 6ft tall and of slim build and at the moment my hair is past my shoulders. Any help would be appreciated as I need a new style, but have no idea what direction what to go into.

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
Itís always difficult to advice on haircuts without seeing face shapes, but a style that suits all face shapes and is very fashionable at the moment is the classic bob.

You could have slight graduation at the back as a feature and keep the rest one length to help with the straightening. A great example of this style or a variation of it is Katie Holmes.

Cora asks:
Well letís start I have an Oval shaped face brown average thickness hair a couple inches below my shoulders and a cowlick on the left front side of my face. I want side swept bangs but Iím not sure what the best style would be to get with this.

Martin HillierAnswered By:
Martin Hillier
Well the most sort after face shape to take basically any style is oval; so well done! As for the side swept fringe (bang) the strength of the ícow lickí will really determine weather this is possible. A good way to see how you hair will react is too take a thick parting across the front of you forehead and let the hair fall on your face and see how much lift you have? Increase the amount of hair until the weight of the hair allows the hair to sit flat. If you do not get to a point of it sitting, could well be the ílickí is too strong and you wonít want the constant hassle of flattening it every day. If it is something you really want, you could always look at chemically straightening the fringe area of course over several months the hair will begin to lift again, but you might be on to a new style by then

Fatma asks:
I have been using normal straightening for many years and opted to move to rebonding since early last year. There is a lot of difference of hair texture between the two but I have noticed that I loose a lot of hair after doing the rebonding and was wondering if I could move back to straightening immediately or will I have to wait until the effect of the rebonding wears off.

Diane ShawAnswered By:
Diane Shaw
It would appear that your hair has been stressed out a little, so I would suggest you give you hair a rest for at least 3 months. Allow at least one full growth cycle and wash a condition your hair with a good quality shampoo and conditioner. It might actually be useful for you to take some hair and nail supplements to boost the quality of your new hair growth.

If you should decide to try extension again, I suggest you look at the hook and latch or the micro ring track techniques. Along with the integrated weave these would not stress your hair out and help you hair to rest and grow back healthy.

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