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Kristan asks:
I have huge knots (like 2 fist size) in my hair that me and my mom cannot get out. We have tried everything and I really do not want to shave my head. Cutting wonít help as it starts about a quarter of the way down my head and thereís about 6+ inches of hair after it. Do you have any recommendations, or know anywhere I could go where someone would help me? Iíve been told that hairdressers wonít help because it could take hours. I did find a detangling service online but I donít have an extra $700 to detangle my hair.

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Kristian, this is a tough one as I canít see the hair but I suggest you try using a pure bristle brush and spend as much time every day as you can detangling the surface of the hair, so keep brushing over the surface of the knots. A pure bristle brush will do less damage than a plastic one or a comb. It may take weeks of commitment but you will start to get through it gently and then hopefully have as little hair loss as possible. Then you can shampoo and condition and try using a detangling brush very gently. Iím afraid there is no quick fix. Good luck.

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