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Jayne asks:
I have been losing way more than 100 a day of my hairs for the past year now. Iím nearly 32; my hairline is getting thicker with small bald patches on both sides and on the back of my neck. I have ended up eating my hair as it drops everywhere, my hair brush is covered in my hair and washing is worst as it comes out into my hands.
I have gone and cut all of my hair so short that you can see the bald patches and I really thinking of shaving it all off as I am fed up with it. Any idea what this can be from

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Jayne, I am not a hair loss expert but I think it sounds like alopecia. Pop to your GP and he can arrange a blood test and take it from there, alternatively I can recommend consulting a trichologist that will be able to help you as it is their specialist field. Really good luck

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